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This thread is for future Dragon stories, with the exception of the sequel. I'll be putting some of my ideas here and anyone is welcome to write in their ideas.

Here's mine.

Master Thief Dragon: Bride on the Run

One thing Spike Lupin never expected was to find an old rival hiding the school broom closet. Said rival is also on the run from the mafia that involves a heavy reward.

Sunset Shimmer, who once trained under the tutelage of Arsene Leblanc alongside Spike in hopes of surpassing her master in the world of thievery, was set to marry Joseph Russo, son of Francesco "Franco" Russo, head of the Russo Crime Family. When Joseph is murdered and all signs point to Sunset being the culprit, she has no choice but to run. It also doesn't help that Franco has put a price on her head and that Joseph's little brother, Nicolo, is leading the revenge charge.

It's up to Spike Lupin, aka Dragon, to investigate the murder of the mafia prince and clear Sunset's name.

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Nicely detailed

The story should start out in the past where Spike and Sunset are competing to steal a crown from a museum. While both have taken Arsene Leblanc's teachings to heart, it is Sunset's more aggressive approach and gruesome tactics (she doesn't kill, though) that win the day as she takes the crown and bragging rights. Spike points out that the job isn't over as she still has to take the prize home. This flashback ends with Sunset being chased by Spike, who is determined to take the crown.

In the present day, Spike is busy teaching his class when there's a school wide announcement that someone has broken into the school area and warn the students not to make contact with the perpetrator. While the perp does manage to fend off some of the school security, the perp is eventually trapped inside a broom closet. Students and teachers want to know who the perp is and when security drag her off, Spike recognizes the perp as Sunset Shimmer. He orders Celestia to tell the security detail to put her in a secure room so that they can interrogate her personally.

Let's just say that Sunset is not exactly happy to see Spike after all these years.

Well, here's a couple stories that's been in the back of my mind for awhile now.

1. Canterlot City: Fallen Underworld

This one is more of a side story and It takes place right after the ending of the first story.

Ever since the death of Tirek and the disappearance of Dragon, tension has been at an all time high in not just within the Mob, but the entire Canterlot City underworld as a whole. Soon, Tirek's lieutenants begin turning on each other, old rivals of his start moving into his territory, and small time street gangs are clawing their way to the top just for a chance to be the next top dog. Turf wars becomes an everyday occurrence in the once beautiful city and the body count is rising...

By the time Spike returns to the city, the turf wars are still going on and there are only eight crime lords left but the number was way more before that, with the other crime lords were either killed or have skipped town.

2. Master Thief Dragon vs. Master Criminal Wolf


So any thoughts so far?

Here's an idea:

Niccolo Russo would enlist the help of Inferno Squad to help him track down Sunset, especially Hornet who has a heated animosity with her.

Little does Niccolo knows however, is that they were the ones who murdered his brother and framed Sunset for it in a conspiracy to wipe out the Russo Crime Family.

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