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Here we could do quotes for any future chapters for Master Thief Dragon. Though it will be up to Wildcard if he wants to use them or not.

Burakku Unleashed part 1: Patient 1773

Whateley Asylum

As Cozy Glow, her assistant, and a couple of her bodyguards entered the building, they approach the front desk. The desk lady looks up to see who entered and is surprised to see a little girl flanked by two brutish looking men. Finding her voice, the Desk woman asked, "Um...may I help you with something?"

"Why yes you can," Cozy asked in an innocent tone, "I would like to see patient 1773 pretty please."

The moment Cozy said that, the desk lady's blood instantly ran cold. The other staff members who were in earshot looked at the supposed little girl with widened eyes and hanging mouths. The desk lady looks at her for a couple solid minutes before chuckling nervously, "Uh miss... I-I don't how to tell you this but patient 1773 isn't allowed to have visitors." She tried to explain to Cozy.

Cozy just continues to smile her innocent smile and says, "Oh, I'm sure you can make an exception with us." Just as she says that, one of the bodyguards cracked his knuckles.

The woman gulps and says to her, "I'll...see what I can do." The picked up the office phone, dialed a number, and waited until someone answered on the other end.

"Hello?" Said a male voice.

"Dr. Stables, there's some people here who wish to see patient 1773." The desk lady answered.

"Did you tell them that patient 1773 isn't allowed to see anybody?" Dr. Stables asked.

"I did doctor but these people...well, they aren't taking no for answer."

Dr. Stables was silent for a moment before answering, "Ok, tell them I'll be right down."

As Dr. Stables escorts Cozy and her entourage to 1773's holding cell, The good doctor turned to Cozy and asked, "So...any particular reason why your so insistent on seeing patient 1773?"

"Let's just say I have some questions for him." Cozy answered, "Tell me do you know of a bounty hunter named Byakko?"

Dr. Stables raised an eyebrow at this but answered all the same, "Why yes I do. In fact, he was the one who personally handed over patient 1773 to us. Though, I strongly advise not bringing up Mr. Byakko around him."

"Noted." Was all Cozy said as the doctor led them outside.

They stop at a courtyard where there seems to be a large metal box in the middle. The box itself is ten feet long and seven feet wide. There also appears to be someone banging and screaming within it.

Dr. Stables sighed at this and pinches the bridge of his nose, "Ho boy, looks like he's having another one of his fits again." He then turns to Cozy, "This isn't the best time to talk to him while he's like this, perhaps later?"

Cozy glares at him, "I want to speak with him now, doctor." She said in a dark tone.

Stables was taken aback by the sudden tone shift but with another sigh, he complies. He approaches the metal box's door and knocks on it, "1773, can you hear me?" The doctor called out.

Soon the banging and screaming ceased. After a few minutes of silence, 1773 finally spoke, "What do you want now, you fucking shrink?" He asked in a low, growling voice.

"Er, well...there's someone who wants to talk to you." The doctor nervously asked. His only response is an almost inhuman growl. He then turns to Cozy, "Whelp, he's all yours miss Glow." He said as he steps away from the door.

"Thank you doctor," She said as she approaches the door. She then turns to her assistant, "AHEM!"

"Oh right! My apologies miss Glow!" The assistant said as he places a stepping stool in front of the door.

"Thank you." Cozy said in an annoyed tone. She then climbs up the stool and look through the door's peephole to see a tall, dark figure standing three feet away from her with his back turned against her. Cozy could barely make out patient 1773 in the dark but she could see that he had long, black, unkept hair with white streaks. For attire, he wore a black straightjacket with the long sleeves freed from their restraints, dark gray pants, and black shoes. Cozy then spoke up, "Hello there, my name is Cozy Glow and I like to ask you a question."

Patient 1773 stayed silent for a good minute until he finally spoke, "And that is?"

"Tell me, how much do you know about Byakko?" As Cozy said that however, patient 1773 dashed to the door at almost super human speed. This startled Cozy quite a bit but quickly manages to compose herself. She can see patient 1773's dark eyes staring right back at her though the peep hole.

"Miss Glow, what are you doing?! I told you not to bring him up-!" Doctor Stables said as he tries to stop her from going further but was held back by one of the bodyguards.

"I know everything about him! At least, I used to." Patient 1773 answered darkly.

"You hate him don't you? Why?" Cozy asked.

"He broke a promise. Left me here to rot..." He answered in a venomous tone.

"And if you find him, what will you do?"

"I. Will. KILL HIM!"

Cozy Glow smirked at this.

Burakku Unleashed P2: The Break Out and The Deal

"I'm sorry miss Glow but the answer is no." Dr. Stables said sternly.

"What if I paid you? How much is his bail money?" Cozy asked, trying to get the doctor to see her way.

"He has no bail money!" Stables replied, "I don't know how else to tell you miss Glow but patient 1773 is NOT allowed to leave this place under ANY circumstances. Do you have any idea how many times he tried to escape? How many staff and other patients he killed? There's a very good reason why he has...'special treatment' here, miss Glow. To set him free would be akin to letting loose a rapid tiger into a populated area!"

Cozy just stares at him in an almost emotionless expression before saying, "I see. Well, thank you for your time doctor." She then makes her leave gesturing both her assistant and her bodyguards to come with her.

As they were outside, one bodyguard turn to the other and whispered, "Huh, she took that surprisingly well." However, the bodyguard spoke too soon as Cozy lets out an angry scream and kicked a nearby rock which was sent flying.

After taking a deep breath and calming down, "Well, plan A didn't work." She said, "Guess we'll have to go to plan B."

"And what is plan B miss Glow?" Her assistant asked nervously.

"Oh, you'll see." Cozy smirked. Soon they arrive at her limo where a familiar ninja was leaning against it.

"Miss Glow." Shibizo bowed.

"Shibizo, have you scoured the area?" Cozy asked.

"The security here is quite impressive for an asylum but nothing I've hadn't handled before. I can easily find more than one crack to squeeze through." The ninja boasted.

"Good, 'cause now I have a job for you."

Later that night, Whateley Asylum was mostly quiet save for some of the patients who were either screaming or cackling. Dr. Stables was walking down the halls with a nurse by his side while looking through some papers.

"What a day." The doctor sighed.

"I can't believe that girl wanted to let...HIM out of here." The nurse said.

"Well that didn't happen. We promised Byakko that we would never let patient 1773 leave this compound until he's better but given how he's...progressing, that's not happening anytime soon." Stables explained.

Suddenly, the lights went out, "What the..."

Just then, the walkie talkie on the doctor's waist suddenly flared up, "Dr. Stables are you there?!"

Stables picked up the radio and asked, "What's going on?!"

"The power just went out across the entire building sir and every inmates' cell have suddenly opened up!" The voice on the other end explained.

"Shit! Ok, dispatch all security teams! Let's get those psychos rounded up." Stables ordered. A thought just occurred to him and added, "And send a couple guards to 1773's cell." He turns to the nurse, "I doubt this is a coincidence."

Two security guards rushed to 1773's cell and sees that it's untouched.

One of the guards picked up a radio and said, "We just arrived at patient 1773's cell and it remains intact."

"Good. Stay there and no matter what happens, do NOT leave your post." The doctor ordered over the radio.

"Copy that." Said the guard. Not to soon afterwards, a couple darts comes flying and hits both guards in the necks, knocking them out.

Stepping out of the shadows was Shibizo who heads over to the metal box. As the ninja approaches the door, he brings out couple lockpicks and starts tampering with the lock until he heard a click. After Shibizo removed the lock and opened the door, patient 1773 slowly steps out revealing his face to the ninja.

Shibizo's eyes widen as he notices patient 1773's face looks eerily similar to Byakko's, but more rugged and a scar on his left eye. Before the ninja could think further, 1773 instantly grabbed him by the throat.

"Why are you helping me?" 1773 growled.

"I...I w-was s-s-sent by m-miss G-Glow!" The ninja struggled to get the words out, "S-She has a j-job for y-you!"

"And why should I accept?" 1773 coldly said as he tightens his grip.

" INVOLVES BYAKKO!!!" Shibizo screamed.

1773 immediately let's go of the ninja when he said that name, "I'm listening."

Shibizo coughed a little before regaining his breath, "Not here. Miss Glow wants to tell it to you in person. I know a way out of here but we need to hurry."

"Well then, lead the way." And just like that, they head off. After going through some corridors and avoiding security guards, they reached their escape root which was a vent but there was a problem, it is blocked by other escaped patients who have yet to notice it.

"Dammit, we need a distraction." Shibizo said, trying to figure out a plan.

"Couldn't agree more." 1773 said as he grabbed a kunai from Shibizo's waist, stabbed the ninja in the back and pushed him out in the open.

Shibizo screamed in pain, "AAAAHHHH!!!! YOU BASTARD!!!!" His cries caught the attention of the other inmates and they began to swarm him, "No, no, no, stay back, STAY BACK AAAAHHH!!!!"

1773 was able to slip past unnoticed and entered the vent, leaving Shibizo to his fate.

Outside, not too far from the asylum. Cozy Glow was in her limo waiting for Shibizo and 1773 until she heard a knocking on one of her windows. She comes out to see patient 1773 but no sign of the ninja, "Where's Shibizo?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We got ambushed. He chose to stay behind and hold them off while I escaped." 1773 lied.

"Huh, that was surprisingly noble of him." Cozy said suspiciously before shrugging, "Oh well, he served his purpose."

"He said you had a job for me. One involving Byakko." 1773 said that last one with pure venom.

"I do. You see, you weren't the only one that self righteous prick betrayed. He played a part in the downfall of my old boss, Tirek, and the Canterlot City underworld is a total mess because of that. Word is, your the only one he fears. And taking a good look at you, I can see why." Cozy explained as she got closer to 1773, "I want him dead."

1773 was silent for a moment before saying, "What's the catch?"

"I want you to kill the master thief Dragon as well. He's the other reason Tirek is dead. He came back to town not too long ago." Cozy answered, "I don't care who you go after first or how you do it, just as long you bring me both of their heads."

1773 thought about this for a good moment before finally giving his answer, "Fine. I'll give them both a slow death."

Cozy smirked at this, "Good. Oh, and here's something to sweeten the deal." The moment she said that, her assistant came forward and presents 1773 with a wooden box.

Raising an eyebrow, he grabs the box and opens it to see a pair of metal claws. Putting the claws on, he swipes them around, almost hitting the assistant in the process. After he was done, he took a good look at them, "Yes, these will do nicely."

"I'm glad you like them. Come, we'll give you a ride to Canterlot City." Cozy offered, much to her assistant's horror.

"Thanks but no thanks," 1773 declined, "It's been awhile since a stretched my legs. Just point me in the right direction and I'll be on my way."

Later in a forest where a storm is brewing, 1773 began running through the wilderness like a hungry predator looking for prey. Jumping over logs, climbing trees and killing any animals that got in his way. A lighting strikes whenever he swings his claws.

Meanwhile at Canterlot City, Byakko was honing his skills with his blade on top a roof when he felt his spine tingle amd immediately dropped his blade. Looking down at his hands and noticed that they were trembling. He knows this was an omen but of what he is unsure.

Elsewhere, Spike was sleeping with all three of his servants after a long evening of fun when he suddenly shot up awake and breathing heavily. He has a strong feeling that something wasn't right.

Little did anyone know, another tiger is about to be set loose upon the city. One far more vicious and bloodthirsty.

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The Thief's Return

Chief Iron Will and his squad arrive on scene, and spoke to a museum curator, "What do you mean nothing was taken?" Iron Will asked in confusion.

"Well, I thought you might want to see this, chief." the curator handed Iron Will a card.

The chief of police took the card and looked shocked.

Flash Sentry who had been promoted to sergeant spoke, "Chief, what is it?"

Iron Will showed Flash the card that had the image of a familiar thief giving a peace sign, with a message on the side reading 'Miss Me?'

"Chief, does this mean..." Flash gasped.

Iron Will nodded, "He's back."

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