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Group Admin

Welcome to our Reviewers’ Mansion! Before you hop in and start requesting reviews or participating in discussions, be sure to read these rules first. Use the content list below to jump to specific sections!

Forum Rules, In Summary
1. Do not attack or harass others
2. Follow all Fimfiction rules
3. Don't spam the forum threads
4. Do not create new threads, the forum is for reviews only

Rules Sections

Group Admin

1. Do not attack or harass other users
Personal attacks on other users of the forum, whether you are a reviewer, author, or reader, are not allowed. Feel free to critique a story, but critiques which stray into personal attacks will not be tolerated.

For our readers, if you have an issue with a particular reviewer or review, feel free to send a message to one of our admins!

2. Follow all Fimfiction rules
We are a group on Fimfiction; please follow all the guidelines provided in the Fimfiction rules.

As a special reminder to all our reviewers, Mature stories should be embedded with Fimfiction’s [embed][/embed] formatting. Ask the other reviewers if you are unsure how to do this.

3. Don’t spam the forum threads
Mostly self-explanatory. Don’t fill the threads with irrelevant messages, or repeat your messages in the threads.

Self-promotion is not allowed in the forum threads. Additionally, if you have any issues with the group as a whole, we have a dedicated feedback thread for suggestions!

4. Don’t create new threads, the forum is for reviews only
Our forum on this group is for reviews only! If you wish to chat, join our Discord server!

Group Admin

Here’s how to request a review from our group! First, decide who you would like to review your story. Be sure to look in the Reviewer Guidelines thread to see everyone’s preferences.

After deciding who you want reviewing your story, add it to the corresponding reviewer’s folder. If you don’t have any specific preference, feel free to add it to the common request folder!

1. Do not add your story more than once at a time
Double-posting of stories is not allowed. This means having your story in two or more request folders at once.

This also includes having your story in both the common request folder and a reviewer’s request folder at once!

2. Follow the reviewer guidelines if requesting specific reviewers
Before you request a reviewer, make sure to check their guidelines! If your story does not follow their guidelines, it may be rejected from the group and you’ll need to find another reviewer.

3. Do not add a story to the group if it is not yours
If a story is not yours, please do not add it to the group! To make enforcement of this rule easier, please ask the author of the story to add it to the group, even if you have received permission. In case this is not possible, please contact an admin to explain the situation upon adding the story.

4. Don’t add too many stories at once
Each author is limited to 2 stories in a single reviewer's request folder at once! Additionally, please do not submit more than 5 stories in all request folders combined at once!

5. Content Restrictions
The Reviewers' Mansion will not accept the submission of non-con and foalcon stories, except for those that tackle the subject matter in a non-fetishized manner. This exception will be granted only after an appeal process in which the author should send a private message to any of the admins (Nailah, Stinium Ruide or applezombi) should they submit such a story.

The Reviewers' Mansion may review stories with incest between two consenting adults. However, foalcon is not allowed to be submitted for review.

Group Admin


Those who break our rules risk incurring the wrath of our admin team, or even our Benevolent and All-Knowing Leader Nailah.

  • Forum posts which violate our forum rules will be deleted, and a warning will be sent to the culprit. We may choose to delete posts without forewarning.
  • If a user repeatedly violates rules or fails to listen to admin warnings, this may escalate to a temporary or permanent ban.
  • A user who uses the forum to post toxic / inflammatory content may be immediately perma-banned from the group.
  • For requesting reviews: If any requests don’t follow the rules above, the corresponding story will be removed from the group, and you will be notified by an admin.

Please exercise your common sense!

Additionally, if you would like to dispute an admin action or report a potential rule-break, feel free to contact one of the admins, either here or through Discord!

Group Admin


Am I allowed to add my story back to the group if it has been removed or rejected?
If your story is removed from the group, we will send you a message explaining why. Unless expressly told otherwise, you are free to add your story into the request folders again to get it reviewed, as long as you don’t violate the review requesting rules.

Am I allowed to request multiple reviews for the same story?
Yes! If you want to get another reviewer’s perspective on a story, feel free to add it to the group again, after the story has received its first review. To reiterate the rules above, you are not allowed to request multiple reviews at the same time.

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