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The Blue EM2
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TLegends of Equestria: The Long Road Back
The conclusion of the Legends of Equestria saga.
JimmyHook19 · 17k words  ·  19  8 · 251 views

The next, and final, chapter of the Legends of Equestria has arrived, and with it comes a long and extremely difficult journey for Mistmane. Can she survive in a trek that covers an entire country?

Before you read this story, I strongly recommend you read these first;

TLegends of Equestria: The Sands of Time
I don't Sphynx it's very funny!
JimmyHook19 · 3.7k words  ·  42  21 · 1.7k views
TLegends of Equestria: South Swamp Rag
Join us now for a tale of the Bayou...
JimmyHook19 · 13k words  ·  23  18 · 694 views
ELegends of Equestria: Fire and Faith
A brony goes on a great adventure. Being one of the greatest unicorns of all time is an amazing added bonus.
The Blue EM2 · 5.8k words  ·  16  3 · 279 views

Ready yourselves for the conclusion of this epic adventure!

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