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Lucky Seven
Group Admin

Greetings, everyone!

I’d like to start this post off by thanking everybody for their patience with the judging process. As of this posting, that process is very nearly complete. We got an amazing forty-one entries, a number that vastly surpassed our expectations. Every one of you that took part are awesome, and we’d like to extend our thanks for the big turn-out, as well as give some insight into our reviewing process.

For the first round, we assigned two random judges to each story. These stories were then marked on a cumulative scale that reached a grand total of 25 possible points. As of now, we’ve managed to narrow down the entries to the final twelve. These twelve stories, we feel, represented the ideals of this contest extremely well. If your story made the cut, congratulations! If not, don’t be disheartened. Contests like this are great for providing growth to authors, as well as getting your name out there, and we enjoyed every story we read.

We’d also like to use this forum post to announce a change to the prizes. As you know, our first, second, and third place entries will be receiving cash prizes. We feel that, given the large amount of entries, we’d like to provide more. If your story ends up as the 4th or 5th place entry, you will be given a cash prize of $10.

Now, without further ado, Soaring, Chapped, and I would like to give small blurbs on the final twelve entries. These blurbs will not include ratings, and are intended to describe what makes these stories a good fit for the contest. They will be in no particular order, and we will be separating them into two posts.

Lucky Seven - A TwiLuna story with the enjoyable twist of taking place almost entirely in dream sequences. I’d recommend this for anyone who likes themselves a well-written Luna with a side of adorkable Twilight.

Soaring - The Dreamwalker’s Lament shows what it means to put trust in your partner, while also displaying a world that Luna has crafted for several years, a world that she now learned to share with her partner, Twilight. 

Lucky Seven - Told entirely from Trixie’s perspective, this story gives you an in-depth look into the mind of Equestria’s most infamous magician. My only gripe is that it wasn’t the superior Starlight/Trixie pairing since it had to be from earlier seasons :P. But in all seriousness, this was a fun read.

Soaring - This story gives a perspective into a Trixie that is still stuck in her ways. However, the story allows her to develop alongside some of the mane six in her quest to seduce Twilight Sparkle.

Lucky Seven - It’s not often that I can recommend a story solely on its ability to give an insightful look into societal issues. The idea of a trans character coming out to her (his) boyfriend more than fits our criteria of having the story capture a big moment in a relationship. Great job with the idea, Ice!

Soaring - Song of Myself shows how much courage it takes to reveal someone’s true identity to someone that they love. Through this, Luna (known as Lune in the story) discovers who he is, and how Sombra fits in his life.

Lucky Seven - This was one of our longer entries, and an absolutely hilarious one at that. Seeing Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom gripe, along with their families as whole, made for a very enjoyable experience. I won’t ruin the twist of this one, but I will recommend you all give it a read.

Soaring - Fear and Loving In Las Pegasus displays a world where arranged marriages are more common than not and unfortunately for Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom, they are stuck between two house’s financial problems. Through this strife do Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom find love…? Sort of. A very great twist on a societal convention that still happens today in some cultures.

Lucky Seven - One of our more bold entries, this story is told from the perspective of our favorite fashionista, Rarity. The story works as a sort of love letter to Twilight, and the whole thing comes across as a drawn-out punch to the gut. By the end, you’re left asking yourself the same questions as Rarity.

Soaring - This story displays Rarity’s one-sided love after her relationship had fallen apart. Through what remaining love she has for Twilight, Rarity tries to mend her relationship one last time.

Lucky Seven - This story, as well, was hard-hitting. Having to end a relationship is never easy. Having to watch said person go on and be with your family member? That’s simply gut-wrenching. Thank you for this entry!

Soaring - Dearly Beloved shows how destructive cheating can be to a relationship. Through Fluttershy, we see how conflicted her mind becomes on her wedding day, and how, even though she wants to love both of her partners, she must, ultimately, choose who she truly loves, even if it hurts.

Group Admin


7278101 Sorry to awfully and violently tangent, but aren't there 42 entries, not 41?

Lucky Seven
Group Admin

The 42nd was actually an entry made for fun by one of our judges, Soaring, so we didn't actually include it in the judging.

It'd be a shame if someone hijacked that train.

7278118 Perfect.


I see six(?). Also, I didn't make it in. Can't say I'm surprised but it was fun.

*Edit- I just realized this was part one. I apologize for my stupidity. I speed read though this without context>_<

7278140 Pretty sure there's another six they're waiting to drop on us.

Keep us extra-stressed, y'know?


7278144 Yep, I just realized that. I'm kinda stupid like that>_<

7278148 Happens to the best of us. I like to be stupid at least once per day, so that way if it happens by accident I'll be adequately prepared and practised for the event.


7278157 Well that makes me feel better. My only question is when will the last six be announced?

Group Admin

Please read my fic. :(

Group Admin

To be honest, most likely in the next twenty minutes or so. Depending on how fast Seven is willing to type. ;)

Obviously I would be thrilled if my entry won it all.





Fear and Loving in Las Pegasus is one of the best fics I've read in years, and it's so artfully crafted I can't help but cheer it on. Magnetbolt deserves the win here. PLEASE read it if you haven't yet.

Oh, yay, I made it :yay:

Here's to the final round! Happy to have participated :twilightsmile:

It makes some good horses do the kiss.

This reminds me that I have to read more of these stories.

...And also hope I'm in the next 6 :twilightblush:

The suspense is killing me!

Looking forward to it.

Hoping to be in the other part of the 12. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Any word on when that announcement is?

7278274 Just came out and I didn't see your name. Still, I'm sure your story is great in your own way. With that said, I'd be happy to read it and give it my thoughts if you like:heart:

That would be great.

Thank you. :pinkiehappy::moustache::pinkiehappy::moustache:

7278307 Witch one is it so I can make sure not to get the wrong one

Given that my story is very personal to me, I'm happy to see that it has connected with so many readers and has become one of the finalists in the contest. Happy to see people reading it and giving it feedback 😊

Yes my favorite part was when the two ponies did the kiss thing, 10/10

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