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Comment posted by Atea1793 deleted March 19th

Does living in your own little fantasy world turn you on too?

Projection again? At least I don't tear others down for my own amusement bully...

What a cowardly bully you are! Tearing people down for entertainment, making fun of people who stand up to you, then ducking out when they won't back down. Classic bully...

I’m not sure if you’ve figured this out yet, but people tend to not respect or sympathize with the mentally deranged, especially when they have no self awareness. People are laughing at you and your colleague because you both won’t take the hint and stop spamming this campaign in many groups since what you’re striving for is a complete impossibility and you don’t have the capacity to accept reality. It makes you come off as childish at best or outright insane at worst.

What’s going to hurt more? Accepting that this campaign will never bear fruit and move on, or struggle against universal mockery for something that will never produce results?

It’s your choice. Come out of denial and accept reality or carrying on and continue being a laughingstock. The choice and the consequences are yours to decide.

This is why you’re so funny to us. You can’t even tell how the criticism you’re receiving applies to your own behavior. That is the definitive example of no self awareness. :rainbowlaugh:

Most people would get annoyed by your behavior, but people like me prefer to laugh at fools instead of getting angry at them. So please, do carry on so we can continue to get a laugh out of watching the local jesters dance. :twilightsmile:

You asked me to stop the conversation. I did.

Wow, projection much? That entire description better fits YOU...

I asked you to stop being a teollibg jerk. Big difference...

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