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It’s not fucking enough to ignore Season 9! We have to make them go back and change what happened in it!

I see that very little has been donated to your campaign, and that your numbers are stagnating. It seems as though your little project is out of puff.

Gonna come to your senses now?

If you don't believe in our cause, then the why the flying feather are you in this group in the first place? TROLL ALERT. :twilightangry2::pinkiesick::flutterrage::applejackconfused:

Just wait ,til the stimulus checks hit, then see how much gets donated ya jerk...


No kidding. And your efforts are even starting to pay off. I just found this statement from Hasbro, detailing how they will be dedicating an entire extra season to revise the events of Season 9. See for yourself.

That is BEYOND not funny you disgusting troll!! :flutterrage::pinkiesick::twilightangry2:😡

I'm not a troll. I also dislike how S9 ended. I'm just enough of a realist to know this plan won't work.

That's what people said about Edison and the light bulb, about Marco Polo and his travels through Asia, about Galileo and his non-geocentric Earth theory. Need I go on...?:trixieshiftright:

Firstly, Edison copied the lightbulb from a Glasgow inventor called James Swann. Second, comparing your little internet campaign to Marco Polo is the height of arrogance (especially since it is very clear to everybody except you that Hasbro aren't going to listen). Thirdly, Galileo had physics on his side. You don't.

Hasbro aren't going to cancel a movie and season they've already finished because a group of fans (who by far are in the minority) demand they do so. Secondly, the contracts for the VAs, writers, and animators on G4 have expired, and they've moved on to do other things. There's a reason why this sort of thing has never been attempted, and that's because the costs would be astronomical.

I was dissatisfied with S9 too. But I've accepted that it happened, and I can freely ignore it. Want to fix S9? Write a story. This campaign is a supreme exercise in wasting time and money.

You don't know if there are other groups of fans fighting for the same cause and you're one to talk about arrogance TROLL. You may not like Season 9 like the rest of us, but at least we're doing something about while you just shoot us down to make yourself feel better! If you can't quit with the trolling, then get out of our group and STAY OUT! We don't need black holes around here...

If by 'shoot down' you mean 'try to inject some reality into the situation', then you are correct. There is only one group here campaigning for your cause and elsewhere (links above).

And tell me, how have I been arrogant? Demolishing poorly made arguments hardly qualifies as arrogance. The rest of the community has moved on. A pity you can't do the same all because Hasbro won't change what you didn't like personally.

Because you're a disrespectful jerkwad and you are also a lazy arse that won't bother trying to change something they know is wrong. And we don't need hypocrites like you bogging us down! Even if you don't agree with us, you don't have to be such a bastard about it!

Now the insults start flying. Word of advice; don't resort to insults; it undermines any moral high ground you may hold.

something they know is wrong

Any evidence for this claim?

You agree that Season 9 sucks and that Equestria Girls got abandoned? That's how I KNOW you know that how Hasbro ended things was WRONG. And if you dispute this, then you have NO RIGHT to be in this group TROLL.

I'm not. I can see that my words fall on deaf ears. When you return from Hasbro, your little campaign a failure, I shall shake my head and say, 'I told you so.'

Then you can just sit on a barstool alone in a seedy pub complaining while no one listens to your big mouth, you arrogant, disrespectful cretin...

At least I’m not delusional. The only reason you two haven’t been banned after spamming multiple groups with this lost cause is because everyone finds you hilarious. As do I.

Keeping making fools of yourselves and we’ll just keep having fun with you. :trollestia:

Wow, did you have to look those insults up on the web, TROLL? You're one to talk...


Aye. If anything Atea, you're the one sitting alone at the bar.

Lol, I legitimately can't tell if YOU'RE the one who's a troll, or if you're just... a really angry individual who has too much time on their hands.
If you happen to be the second, welp, I wish you luck in life, my friend.
If you're the first, haha. You're funny. Now stop getting into fights with strangers on the internet.

I don't drink arse. Look in the mirror...

Neither do I. Looking in the mirror had no effect.

That's the modus operandi of Save G4, I'm afraid. Act like they represent all the fandom, and then hurl insults when you point out the futility of their struggle.

You keep using that word. I don’t think you know what that means.

You’re the one playing the jester. We’re just having fun with your antics.

Wow, projection and deflection? Classic troll move...

It's kinda sad, to be honest
I'm sorry, I can't take anyone who tries to use "flying feather" as a legitimate insult seriously

No self awareness? Classic internet fool. You know who you remind me of? This guy.

I censor myself online idiot...

I think you're confused. That better describes YOU...

Doesn't make you sound any less childish

Look in the mirror lately? You're the one screwing with me despite not saying ANYTHING TO YOU at the start of this.

I know.
No need to be rude. And Epona has a point.

I was wondering when Chris Chan was going to be mentioned.

To be fair, I AM legitimately a child, so yeah, I'm childish. And also this conversation was too funny to NOT jump into. Your emoji spam particularly I found amusing, which is why I couldn't tell if YOU were a troll or just a fanatic.
Dunno man. It's just funny. 🤷

Go to bed troll...

Go to bed then kiddie...

I'm a female, lunkhead...

It's only 6 here. And I'm still not a troll.

The Nile ain'tjust a river in Egypt TROLL. Now if you excuse me, I have better things to do than banter with a negative black hole. Like bringing home the bacon...

That’s the fun of internet lolcows. They can’t see why people are laughing at them. Keep it up. We’ll keep passing the popcorn around.

Unless your mother finds out what her baby girl has been up to on the internet lately. Does she know you’re off your meds?

Look, I'm busy with WORKING packing fragile glassware and ceramics and/or heavy stuff that could break my foot if dropped. So I don't have time to banter with a troll. Bye bye!

Then why the hell are you going out of your way to humiliate yourself while busy with your job? You’re risking getting yourself fired over this crap?

Not sure if I should cringe or laugh.

I walked in at around 2 pm here you dumbell!! Why do you think it took so long to reply to you??!!

The fact that you’re still replying when everyone here is laughing at you says a quite a bit. You know any standup? I’m curious of how funny you’ll be when you’re actually trying to be amusing.

I know. And I'm not it.

Let me tell you a little corporate secret that hasbro and any other big name company don’t want you to know, they do not care what individuals think when it comes to what they did wrong or could do better, to them, we are statistics, statistics that determine weather or not they go home making bank or with feather weight wallets, they certainly will not care what the minority of there consumers say about their products, so long as they are making money, then they won’t change a thing. That’s business

Comment posted by Atea1793 deleted March 19th

You chose to respond, not me.

But I tire of this discussion. Toodle-pip!

Says the guy who felt the need to screw with someone who never even spoke with him before today just for the heck of it? You're a sicko who obviously hasn't heard the phrase "Don't start nothing, don't BE nothing." Does tearing people down turn you on you cretin? What a childish bully you are...

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