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Did you had that Season 9 episode that irked you the most?

Mine was the Summer Celebration one, for reasons I already explained in full before, like how everyone acted like idiots, the fireworks trope the MOST INFAMOUS of that stupidity, the villains got off scot-free inspite of how they should've been LONG exposed, and the pointless "End of the Holiday" thing which was switched out for it being rebooted! Additionally, it was apart of that stupid "The Celestial Sisters are retiring" arc that was the overall most infamous of the season! Now, it's not saying it doesn't have redeeming qualities, I liked how Twilight matured from Lesson Zero craziness and Discord was fun there, but they're flawed gems in a flawed episode.

I would've included Daring Doubt, but apart from the logical leaps, it was standard fare. (I also didn't watched it, so I can't judge what I didn't watched).

season 8 was ok but 9 can burn for all i care for

NEW FOLLOWER!!!!!!!!!!! X3

You deserve a follower from me because I hate the Season 9 arc so much just as you do. ;3

Well, A, this is a group for criticizing Season 9, (And personally, I don't find Season 8 too bad, if hardly at all, save for the ending, personally, the thing with Cozy Glow and Neighsay I admit were, not desirable)

I too found Sparkle's Seven relatively decent, even for being apart of a less than desirable arc and reminders of "Lol Retirement" and for showing that the Tree's demise is not being brushed off. I am abit bothered by the sudden sibling rivalry between Twilight and Shining though, nothing beforehand indicted that was a thing! But otherwise, still the lesser evil of Season 9 in all honesty.

But for the relative topic of irksome episodes, oh yeah, no question bout the finale there, abit of low-hanging fruit to pick, but no disagreements.

Plus given that Sparkle's Seven marked the 200th episode of the series. Not many Hasbro shows could ever make it to that point! :D

I had some thoughts about the whole Summer Sun Celebration becoming the Festival Of The Two Sisters.

Just going to copy and paste what I posted in another topic about this episode since I am not in any mood of having to type all of that again
Right here:
"While the Festival Of The Two Sisters is pretty heartwarming, there is some issues though.
It didn't make up for the damages the Summer Sun Celebration did to Luna.
Like.. one of the big causes of Luna's fall is due to she felt like her night wasn't appreciated as much as Celestia's day and yet.. Celestia freaking allowed a celebration to go to show even more appreciation to her DAY over Luna's night. Adding so much salt to Luna's wounds
In fact I think that celebration initially meant to celebrate Nightmare Moon's defeat.. apparently Celestia let them freaking honor the day that she freaking lost her sister pretty much.
The celebration may now celebrates Luna's return, but the problem is it still shows preference of DAY over night.
It may now be a Festival celebrating both sisters, but problem is Celestia will be remember much much more than Luna would be sadly. Due to how Celestia ruled for much longer than Luna did while Luna didn't rule for much long after she came back from the moon.
Along with Luna's track record is not so good compared to Celestia, with how since her return she is either sidelined or get taken out when some villain attacks, its.. just so iffy..

I wished the writers touched on giving Luna a actual celebration to show she is truly appreciated equally as Celestia and her day is.
Like a Winter Moon Festival. No, Nightmare Night doesn't count due to its more focused on Luna's darker self than Luna, doesn't even have that dramatic moon rising like how the Summer Sun Celebration had that dramatic sun rising. Heck, Luna wasn't even featured in certain Nightmare Night episodes for some reason iirc, that is like not having Celestia be featured in episodes involving the Summer Sun Celebration."

So that's my thoughts on that. Just.. what was bothering me pretty much.

Well yes, but unlike the 100th, it took less risks and focused on the Mane 6 whereas the 100th was bold enough to give the background characters more attention. But that's also a minor nitpick, along with that annoying thing about using GEESE for a security alarm! I mean, increased guards (Along with Mare representation) and the fans I admit were smart, but the geese? Sure, they're noisy and it'll get attention, but can you imagine having to FEED those things and the MESS they can make?

Got a good point there. Personally what would make a better 200th Episode: Rule 63 Universe :3

Ya mean like, a gender-bender universe?

Exactly. I mean, Adventure Time (not sure if you know that show or not. ^^; :twilightsheepish:) did it a few times.

Uhhhh, I will be polite to say that Adventure Time's not my uh, cup of tea. But, I think I'm getting where you were going here. Though AT's excuse for that such universe was because it was the Ice King's fanfiction. What would've been MLP's excuse for going into a gender-bender of Equestria?

Luna really deserves better than the writers making her give up her moon, her throne, her crown, her destiny to Twilight like that.
Felt like how the Royal Sisters were handled was not a good sendoff for them honestly.

Even though in actuality, aka real life, it was one of the show staff members that created the R63 universe of AT in the first place. ^^'

Hmm.... maybe like say.... using a mirror similar to the one from EG, but in this case.... it can go to other worlds beside the human world? ^^'

Hmm, interesting statement, good sir.

Sparkle's Seven is probably my most fav episode of the season due to how Spike and Luna teamed up and one-upped everyone.
With Spike winning the crown and finally being acknowledged as part of the family(as a sibling) while Luna one-ups Celestia there.
Heck, those 2 clicked so good and would have love to see Luna and Spike interacting more.

Abit simplistic but sensible.

Heh. I can a bit crafty when coming up with some of my creative ideas. :)

Well, certainly better than how the comic of those two teamed up had handled it, that's for sure.

I found season 9 to be my least favorite season. I like She all yak and Sparkles Seven But the rest not so much

Even the whole Season 9 arc of Celestia and Luna retiring from ruling for no reason?

-loves that Seapony Princess Skystar avatar btw.- X3

Agree! it makes no sense at all.
Also, thank for the comment for my avatar I like your as well

It's why to this day: I still remain one of the top people to hate the Season 9 arc to pieces. -_-

You're welcome :3 It's only temporary till my next transformation. X3

Me too. I hate season 9 and don’t want to watch it. To me (Please don’t hate me for this) the only episode I don’t mind watching is The third episodes when the young six honors the tree and she all yak. Those two are the only episodes I don’t mind watching.
Can’t wait to see your transformation

Well, I am abit iffy about "She's All Yak", if kinda because in this separate crossover thing I have, Sandbar is dating a Seapony named Shore. Not saying it was bad because of making Sandbar into Yona, it just, conflicted with my headcanon that I rather avoid it. If admittingly though, it's kinda annoying the ship with Sandbar and Yona of all things got canon and the other potatinional ships end up ignored in that prom episode. Now, it's nothing against you for liking the episode, it's just my personal tastes here.

Hey, You don’t have to watch the episode if you don’t want to and I like the idea that Sandbar is dating a sea pony it seen fun to read.

Well keep in mind that it's not an MLP:FIMfiction thing, it's on a separate plane of fanon existence entirely.

I didn't hate Seasons 8 and 9 but there were parts I disliked. In this group I won't try to change anyone's mind of course but I can answer this question.

Growing Up Is Hard To Do. The CMC are less mature here than in ANY other episode (except maybe Stare Master), many of which were BEFORE they got their cutie marks.

Also, I'm tempted to say Going to Seed, but only for one tiny moment: It insinuates that running the School of Friendship is a 24/7 job and, other than Applejack (which at least is an improvement over Grannies Gone Wild in that she can do so at ALL), they couldn't plan a holiday for this harvest, which has been planned quite a bit in advance. I get what they were going for with this episode as an Apple Family centric episode, but couldn't they just not mention the other Mane 5 and assume the Apples were confident they could do it themselves and could ask the other Mane 5 for help if they really needed it?

(The school screwing up the everyday lives of the Mane 6 after Twilight practically forced them to be teachers there, to the point that the one time Twilight was able to make time to hang out with them, it was completely screwed up by the Mean 6, so presumably their first time spending any real quality time together after opening the school was at Donut Joe's after the villains were turned to stone, and then their monthly friendship meetings after that likely giving them MORE quality time together than between the school's opening and the coronation, is one of the main things that makes me want to ignore Seasons 8 and 9. Again, I've decided not to for the time being, but I do sympathize with some of you, plus, a lot of S8/9 Mane 6 episodes weren't as fun as Young Six or villain episodes. in contrast to earlier seasons.

And, unless they want to retcon Seasons 8 and 9, from what we already know of G5, it'll all be for nothing as the Mane 6's lessons will be forgotten to all except Sunny.

mine was the first episode of season aight lot a mess that was in order to fix season nine we must redo season eight as well

Thank you for your opinion.

Well, this is more of a club for those that disagree with Season 9. I personally have nothing much against Season 8 but for how the ending was handled. If there's anything that deserved change, it was that.

we can agree on that

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