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Here’s something I think we can all get behind. It’s a petition that may be able to set things right.

Sorry, but... I have to say this. Even if you reach the objective, you wouldn't make a difference, there would be needed almost 1M people signing it and I think the major part of Bronies and Pegasisters loved the end of MLP, so... Take it easy, just... imagine that season 9 never happened, that's why FIMFiction exists, to CREATE YOUR OWN STORY! Go and enjoy the opportunity to show the world your capability of imagination awesome things such as great alternative endings or side (non-canon) stories. MLP is good as it is, there may be some trash along the way, that's how life works... There may be great stuff, but there will be also terrible ones and you... just have to accept it. If you don't like MLP's Season 9 is okay, I respect your choice, but I wouldn't recommend you ask people signing something that they may like and just would like to change here with their imagination and creativity. As I said, take it easy and... just do great things. You may create something even better than MLP and we would love it, but MLP is done and no one can change it and people should accept that fact, not like it, but accept and respect it and the fact it tried to create a very nice story.

I just signed the petition.

Garbage Pail Kids, Howard The Duck, and Ren & Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon had more better writing than Season 9 of MLP FIM. Deal with it!

As far as I know, I'm dealing with it better than you. Enough spoken.

Oh really? If so, then why are you here trolling us? Has it ever occurred to you that if Hasbro sees this petition that they might be forced to make G5 MLP actually good? After all G5 MLP will have the same idiotic writing team that made the garbage that is Season 9 of G4 MLP FIM.


I don't take advice from trolls who hypocritically order people to "chill out" when they need to "chill out" themselves. Enough spoken!

As I said, do what you want. Nothing else, if you want to pay attention to what I say, great. However, if you don't want to pay me attention, it's okay as well. It's up to you. Enough Spoken.

Here is my advice to you: Chill out and accept the fact that not everybody liked Season 9. Enough spoken!

I think you all have issues.

Our “issues” are that one of the best shows of the decade was ruined by a new team of writers. If you’re not going to help correct their mistakes then you’re no better than them and the other idiot fans who enjoyed every second of their animated crap. In fact, you’re their accomplices by inaction and complacency. You are betraying the fandom by letting them get away with ruining the show.



help correct their mistakes

This is one of the many things that fanfiction is for.

This is one of the few things that can’t be fixed by fan fiction. It has to be fixed at the source. The fandom deserves better than what it got in the end, despite many fans having such low standards as to actually enjoy and accept it.


I'm not aware of any other piece of media that has openly cast out and recreated established canon like you're asking for. Other than maybe Star Trek, kind of. When they were making TNG, they only acknowledged one episode of the animated series as official canon. But that's a little bit different considering that wasn't just season 4 of Star Trek but a completely new spinoff series that didn't air until six years after the original show ended. And they didn't go back and redo the series, they just said that they weren't going to try and maintain continuity with its events (barring that one episode) moving forward into TNG.

Maybe I'm mistaken but I do believe that canceling plans for one series to go back and redo portions of the previous series is totally unprecedented, at least in Western television.

You’re right that it’s unprecedented, and that’s exactly what I’m trying to help change here. It’s high time bad writers stopped getting away with ruining goods shows and expecting fans to just live with the crap they’ve created. Let this be the start of a new era in entertainment where the fandom gets to call foul and demand a do-over.

No one is better than anyone, we're all equals as people.


Alright, well, as long as you temper your expectations and don't get nasty with people who don't agree with what you're doing, then I guess have fun with it. Just seems odd to me that you admit you're in the minority and that the show actually did give most people what they wanted, yet you think you're going to be able to tap some massive reserve of fan anger to demand an unprecedented reversal of course.

I love how you assume that about me when I’ve been very critical and vocal towards the show’s missteps and failures since Season 3. Right when it all started. If you really think I support the writing failures of MLP FiM because I’m grounded in reality enough to know that the way you’re going about this is futile, then it really illustrates how delusional you are about your endeavors.

Here’s hoping you won’t be too disappointed when this ends up being all for naught.

You never know. :P

And FYI: I'm a major player in hating Season 9 as much as the majority in this group.


You could get half the world to sign that petition and it wouldn't work. They have completed season nine and the series. The contracts for the VAs have expired, animating cartoons is not cheap and the company as a whole has moved on. This petition seems equally as bad as the ones that flood my FB newsfeed about bringing back FiM. They are a waste of time and will NEVER WORK. This isn't like you're upset about a small town's ordinance limiting the number of pets you can have. A petition over that has a chance, albeit small, of actually working.

Don’t bother commenting if you’re not going to sign. Either get on board with this or mind your own business.


I'm simply stating a fact but since you seem so upset, I shall take my leave from this thread now.

We won’t be a minority forever. Sooner or later, people will stop fangasming and become nostalgic, and then they’ll realize how bad things got and how much Miller, Dubuc and Vogel screwed them.

All people are equal, I agree, but all opinions sure aren’t. The fans who loved how the final season went down have poor taste and stopped caring about the quality of the show at some point, just like the writers and producers who ruined it.

If you’re not going to do anything about it despite your criticisms then you’re just like the foolish fans who loved it all and the terrible writers who made it. Don’t bother commenting if you don’t have the spine to act.

I have to admit the are some things I didn't like, but I have to face the fact that it's done. There's nothing else we can do.

Spineless coward

I won't say anything else. Goodbye.

Come to your senses yet? I’ve noticed your copies of this thread in other groups have disappeared.

Not everybody dislikes S9. Get over it.

More like some people are able to accept that S9 sucked and have moved on from it. It was bad, yes, but at least one could learn something from its failures.

I'm one of them. I tried to fix some of them through fanfiction, rather than acting like a toddler who dropped his ice cream.

Mixmaster226 has since taken to harrassing the show writers and cast members on Twitter. I know it's not on here, but rest assured this campaign is just a minority of butthurt people that has virtually no chance of success.


Recently? Can you show me where? I despise Twitter and I'm not sure if I'm reading it correctly, but the account he created for his group doesn't appear to be doing much besides generally promoting his cause.

Everybody who reports him says he's doing this, but I've yet to see any hard evidence beyond some tweets and DA comments from ages ago. If he's harassing people again, I'll delete his group in half a heartbeat, but not over things that happened that far in the past.

I also find twitter hard to navigate, but Jade Dawn brought it up a little while back. I'll ask them where they found it (assuming the account didn't delete the original comments).

It wouldn't be good for everyone who did like it.

But still, it's easy enough to FanonDiscontinuity it if you want. That's what I do with Seasons 7 and above of 24, among many others.

And plus Season 9's not on Netflix, the only DVD's are from Malaysia (will play on any player but cost extra for shipping and tax), and I have a good feeling G5 will retcon it.

I've considered ignoring Seasons 8 and 9 (and 7 along with S6 finale with it, excluding the movie and The Perfect Pear) but personally decided the good outweighed the bad (in large part due to Silverstream). I MIGHT change my mind down the road though and I understand anyone disliking it for various reasons. I will NOT, on this group, try to convince anyone to change their mind about Season 9.

Just saying it doesn't have to be completely erased for those who enjoy it, you can FanonDiscontinuity it.


and I have a good feeling G5 will retcon it.

:rainbowlaugh: That ain’t how Hasbro rolls, my boy.

The fact that this thread was created a year ago but the last reply was an hour ago boggles my mind

This is still a very touchy topic, not least given the continued spamming from Mixmaster226.

Hasbro doesn't write the plot. (You know what I mean) DHX does, at least for G4, someone new (known for Marvel cartoons, if I heard right) has taken the wheel for G5. Hasbro just APPROVES them, maybe designs the characters first by physical appearance. If the G5 writer either dislikes G5 or wants to pander to fans who do, and Hasbro's cool with it (and they've shown lately they don't care about the show anymore (nor the fortune it could have made them) so I doubt they'll have many objections to anything he'd come up with), it's a possibility.

I hear he's got his own cult now, which has 75 members. Not that I think they'll reach Hasbro if millions of fans with more reasonable requests can't do so, plus, again, they have no control over the plot besides approving episodes and DHX, who wrote them, is out of the job now.

They recently held a GoFundMe, which closed after raising a pathetic $25. Their campaign has no chance of working as Hasbro isn't interested, and what they want simply isn't practical. When I pointed that out, one of their number said 'they said the same about Marco Polo', which really goes to show how deluded they are.

The context of Marco Polo and defying Hasbro are astronomically different to the point of being utterly alien to each other.

What about HD DVD? Or 3D TV? Not every underdog succeeds.

Good point. They almost come across as a self-parody.

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