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Many fans theorized Luna retired so she won't be separated from Celestia(who apparently didn't bother finding a compromise for Luna to continue ruling but still be with Celestia). Celestia pretty much forced a "Pick your poison" scenario on Luna there.

Really.. I feel like Celestia(probably even Harmony planned all of this) set everything up for Twilight to be her successor, it was at the expense of Luna big time.

Well again, not a heavy Luna fan, so, again, that thing with Luna is minor to me as I'm more against the retirement in general for the fact that Celestia (At the least) has been ruler for a long time and yet, this retirement thing came up NOW?! I mean, I heard this claim that the retirement thing is based on Lauren Faust's original idea to make Twilight a successor, and, I'm not against that persay, it's just, the execution marred Faust's idea too badly for that theory to be acceptable!

Whats more iffy is that Faust's idea didn't mention Luna's fate at all there.
Like we don't know if Faust intended for Luna to step down too or would she co-rule with Twilight.

Most indeed a good point, that also puts the theory into question cause there was no mention on what Lauren meant for Luna. I felt like the idea is marred by the absence of how Lauren would've handled things.

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