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So a month has passed since I posted the most recent chapter and have heard ideas about the current choices from only 2 people, and only one of those was for all the choices. Now since I don't want to see this story suffer another year long break between chapters I have decided to alert everyone that after another month passes I will take whatever is given and start writing from their. I hope you all will get to reading and commenting because even if I can't fit in every idea I do love to hear all your thoughts.

Current Choices to make are

What memories should we focus on unraveling first?(Please keep the ideas reasonable)

Upon being inducted were should we have the dogs focus on digging?

Should we keep the focus on Odonata, or have small P.O.V shifts to other changelings when we send them out?

If so who should we focus on first Cypri or Segmenta?

Finally what should Viola's punishment be?(Please keep tame, this punishment is more to humble and teach rather than to hurt)

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