Hello y'all!

In honor of my story Fluttershy: Galactic Zoologist, its future sequel, and whatever other random stories I (or anyone else) create, I have created this studio:

Fluttershy: Galactic Zoologist Universe!

This studio will hold all of the official content of the Fluttershy: Galactic Zoologist Universe (It may/will be referred to as F:GZ U),. If anyone makes any spinoffs of their own stories in this universe, they can/will be found here too!


  • No NSFW Content.
  • Only stories about the Fluttershy: Galactic Zoologist Universe can be added.
  • No hating on anyone or their stories. (Be kind for Fluttershy!!!)
  • Have fun!

Can I ask for folders/subfolders to be added?
Yes! Just ask me to add them, and give a reason and/or a story!

I want to write my own story in this universe. Do I need permission?
No, but tell me (Boogaloo10) that you are first.

Do I need to write stories in this universe to be in the group?
Of course not! If you don't want to write and simply want to read, that's perfectly fine!

How do you have a FAQs section if this is a new group?
Much to learn about the Force, you still have.

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