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So, this is a smolcellus contest, I guess. Dump your recently written smocellus junk here if you wanna, the thing ends on Wednesday, June 1st , 12:00 AM


  • Must be teen or less; I don’t feel like reading clopfics on this clean month, some of you might relate.
  • They can be multichaptered(they don’t have to be)
  • They can contain other ships(I’m just adding this because I want to add more bullet points lol)
  • They can be in the background, they just have to have some effect on the actual story


1st Place - 5 chaptered commission of their choice(of course; because commissions) for a story

2nd Place - 4 chaptered commission for a story

3rd Place - 3 chaptered commission

Please, you guys. This would be the best bday present ever.

* If you don't know what Smocellus is, here's your homework.

Important episodes -

Season 8, episode 22

Less important -

Season 9, episodes 3, 15, and 26(at the end of 26, basically)

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In the parenthesis says: "You don't have to do this if you don't wanna" as in, like- you don't have to do the contest just because I made it with the title: "My Birthday Presents." I didn't wanna sound or be too demanding.

What does the title fully say?

Right, sorry. It's fine if you haven't watched those episodes yet, I guess. It's just that this is a smolcellus contest and I should've made that clearer in that description and blog post.

Um, no, and I have to wait to watch those episodes, and I don't want to spoil it.

Do you know who the Young Six (or student six) are?

Edit: And also, if you're not that far(in the way I might be referring to), I don't judge based on skill. I judge based on story plots as I said before. If you don't know what smolcellus is, that's fine, but this is a smolcellus contest.

Have you ever tried reading a smolcellus fanfic and going off of that?

I'm not that far, the best I can do is a story.

Smolder x Ocellus- the ship of our favorite Dragon and Changeling- well- one of them, anyway. Here's your homework.

Important episodes -

Season 8, episode 22

Less important -

Season 9, episodes 3, 15, and 26(at the end of 26, basically)

Okay. What does smolcellus mean?

Of course. By the way, this is a smolcellus contest; though it's fine if you have them in the background also. Don't let me catch ya slackin'. Fluttershy's my favorite pone! :yay:

I gotta update that description just in case- :twilightsheepish:

Okay. Makes sense! You're going to love this one Fluttershy story I'm writing!

What do you mean?

This won't be biased if you're wondering, lol

Somehow, I'm not going to be judging how intimate they are or something. Just story plots and arcs and twists and stuff. So, technically, based on how I viewed your question, yeah, I think. No bias, though. No bias allowed.

Edit: Oh, and by the way, just to clear stuff up, like most logical people do(I'm guessing) I'm gonna be writing the things I like best about each individual story and give reviews upon request. I might get some other judges on this; forgive me. I did this on a time crunch.

So, are we writing stories that you like best?

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