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Who thinks that Pony Life might be a big hit? Who likes it’s new animation style? If you awnserd yes to all these questions, this is the group for YOU!

Welcome to the group of the 2020 series Pony Life!



-No bullying: This is a group where you should feel welcomed. If you don’t like Pony Life then don’t join its as simple as that.

-No mature content: Don’t put any mature content in here, this group is supposed to be family friendly.

-Keep forums clean!

-Classic site rules.

-Have Fun!


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Oh. Just never give your administrater or principal any ideas...


Yah well mine gives us laptops and literally blocks nothing except darn games, through I don’t know if it’s really working. And they block the App Store.

It doesn't just block things like that. It blocks games, and just about everything. Look at the reviews now in the app store. They will tell you everything! We can't delete it either.

My main question: Whats so horrible about Securely?

My school dosent block anything they just set all the search engines to Stricte or something lower. I also think they might do the parental control thing maybe. But IT still lets me do all the stuff I do on my iPad (except the gory speedpaints, but really I never really thought of looking at gory speedpaints of MLP on the school computer to begin with) Or read Pony Pastas.
It just blocks out games and HIGHLY inappropriate stuff

They actually have multiple ones, but Securely worst.

School? Why, my school did not block off half the videos?

School got securely. Not my fault.

Yah sometimes it sucks. I am really happy that the restrictions my parents gave me aren't strict.

But, WHY????????????????? What did you do for your computer to restrict you from videos, etc.

Trust me. Even Pinkie would be frustrated times smash computer, but I can't afford to break it.

It doesn’t do EVERY website just a few that I think has some EXTREME inappropriateness. So I literally won like poker or something for it to let me watch Haziben Hotel and read Pony Pastas and other Creepypastas.

You have the same problem!? Mine blocks lots of other websites, too, like Animal Jam, .io games, websites with the word 'unblocked' in the title, etc. It's basically I won the lottery on Finfiction.

Yah. Know how it feels once my device blocked FimFiction’s home page temporarily.

I mean, my device 'blocks' some videos. I beleive you 100%.

Well it seems to run for me.

BTW if it dose not work for you. You can go to the forums, I put the video on there.

Doesn't work. Sad face.

Give me a link to the trailer or first episode. Can't find it on Youtube.

How you doing?

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