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So I decided to create a fan club. Why, you may ask? Why not? I just want to have fun and have a place where everyone can feel safe. This is why this is a safe haven. I don't judge, be mean, troll, etc.

So, This group now exist for everyone to enjoy.


1. Be nice. I am nice to everyone, and I expect everyone else to be as well. IF you are being mean, you get one warning. Twice is a temporary ban, 3 is a permanent ban.

2. Keep forums clean. I don't care what you talk about; just as long as it has something to do with mlp, life, a problem, an awareness, self promotion. Just no bad stuff, or things not intended for mlp or for a safe haven

3. No mature stories. Absolutely not! This goes with teen stories with red tags. I will make exceptions for "Self harm/Suicide" and ''Death''' tags.

4. Please keep gay/trans/other related things, to the areas designated for that kind of stuff.

5. No inappropriate things. I don't care if you use the words hell or pissed in appropriate situations, but nothing else for swearing.

6. If you aren't clear about something, or there is something I missed, please contact Nocturnalis Storyhart

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Comment posted by Thunderspark Lightspeed deleted February 6th

I am replying to a random comment of yours to remind you to change the name of this group.

Yay! Thank you for being brave against those antagonists!


You're welcome. I gave you some advice on how to make your promos more visible in the Shameless group....also, I run a group called The Unified Creators Alliance if you wish to give your group even more exposure.

This looks like a fun group, I recon I will join and put appropriate stories in here.

This seems like a cozy little group; I like it.

Safety at last

I'm safe now.

Just the name of this group makes me feel safe...............

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