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Hello! Welcome to Dare to Care! If you are here it’s ether you want to stop bullies from harming others or was being bullied!


Yes there are rules every group has rules.

-No Bulling: That just deletes the whole point in this group. If you are bulling any one and haven’t made up for it then, sadly I’ll have to ban you from the group.

-No Mature Content: There is a folder in here called Random Stories. Just because it’s random, doesn’t mean you can put mature in there.

-Keep Forums Clean: It makes sense dose it, nobody wants to suffer with dirty forums.



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Hi everybody!

How is everyone doing today!?

I love the avatar for this group. It touches me in some way I don't know how to put into words. :heart:

This is so nice of you! Hope you are doing well(:

No bullying will be tolerated:eeyup:.

Also please pass this on.

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