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Hello and welcome to the read for a follow and review group. I know that this is a shameless self promotion but either I or someone else can read your story for a follow and review and in return you can read, follow or review my story Into the Omniverse and Maybe Back. All stories from Teen and everypony are allowed. No gore. Boy x girl pairing only. I only ask that we treat everyone with respect. That is all and enjoy.

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I am so glad that people joined. Honestly, I didn’t think that anyone would so I kind of forgot about it until now. For those of you who who are looking to write a new story I have an idea: Luigi x Luna. I just realized that they have a lot in common. They don’t have to be in a romantic relationship but I think that it would be interesting reading a story involving these two. As for stories, I think that I will start reading them on Wednesday. Again sorry.

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