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ooThis is a group, or should I say resistance, that is against unnecessary and insulting trolling on FiM.

Here users can feel safe and have strength in numbers.


  1. No Trolls are allowed in this group.
  2. If there are any trolling, report it immediately.
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Some jackass keeps disliking random comments for no reason and I want this bozo stopped

⚠ Warning, warning! A troll has been sighted! This is not a drill. All active personal report to the crime scene, immediately! ⚠

I'm surprised I didn't join sooner, considering that I go all Judge Dress on the booties of non-trolls too.

Just an FYI, take all troll reports to the Forum, and be sure to add their name to the TITLE of your thread, while double-checking to make sure the troll isn't already reported under that name.

Found another troll. Username MagicF@#@Man. Posting that disgusting trixie edit pic.

Someones cross posting some rather odd stuff in Looking for Editors, and Transformations groups. Possibly other places as well but not sure. It may be nothing, but I figured it would be worth mentioning.

To put it simply, this is a group that is for people who are bothered, belittled, disturbed, or just want to stop trolls from getting to them and spreading their infection all over the site to anyone that tries to stay away from them:twilightsmile:. I myself have been the unfortunate victim of seeing something that really upset me by a troll not too long ago:pinkiesick:. So when I saw this group I didn't hesitate to join:twilightsmile:.

Was that helpful:pinkiesmile:?

Fill me in here on what’s going on

It’s really sad. “Humans in Equestria” has borne the brunt of the recent Troll’s almost daily disgusting posts. Every time he starts up again, “HiE” is always his first target. I feel so bad for the Admins of “HiE”, always having to deal with his disgusting antics. They deserve so much better than this.

If any Admins from “HiE” are reading this, my heart goes out to you. You guys are the best, and you deserve so much better than constantly dealing with the same Troll over and over again. In spite of this, You’ve done your job to keep “HiE” safe, and for that, I, as well as others, are so grateful for the great work that you’ve done. Thank you “HiE” Admins!:twilightsmile:

*siiiigh* I had seen something very disturbing thanks to a troll...and that gives me a very solid reason to join this group:ajsleepy:.

Did you just quote Taylor? Nice

Comment posted by Crystal Hoof deleted Dec 14th, 2019

Trolls suck, I'm in

I am joining and spreading the word. I don't know why someone didn't think of this earlier

Those are the facts as I have come to understand them. I call things as I see them, I personally don't see things ever improving from now. And i'm not afraid to stand up and speak my mind. And i'll be straightforward and to your face about it, too. None of that behind the scenes garbage.

And that effort is worth recognition. But this is the internet, that means there will always be troublemakers. People who just simply enjoy messing with someone else. With nary the rhyme, nor the reason. They just do it. It's in human nature to be apathetic towards others. We rarely think, we just do, regardless of the outcome. You're welcome to agree, if not, that's fine, too.



At least we're doing something.

  • Viewing 4 - 23 of 23
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