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I might not be the best writer out there.

But I do enjoy writing Transformation Fiction!

Because of that, I've decided to open up a Request Group!

Just a place where I can pick up new ideas to write.


This is a request group!

At no time will I ever charge you for a story. I write for fun and just would like a place to be able to find new ideas! You may also ask for Requests yourself, but please don't offer commissions!

If you're a writer for profit, go create a group for that.

I adore TF’s!

I'll accept…


Human to Pony TF

Human To Equestria Girls TF’s.

Pony to Other TF's. ( AR TF etc.)

If it involves change, I'm probably open to it!


No fighting!

Anything created here will be Teen! Nothing higher so please don't request something Mature.

No kink shaming. ( If you're not into TF's, then why are you here?)

No hate speech!

No spamming!

If you have a Request, please create a thread in the forum.

State the type of request you're interested in.

Place a word count you'd like.

Place genre.

Give specifics of how you'd like changes to happen, or something special you'd want to see.

When I accept a request, I'll tell you in the thread.

Requests are usually complete in about two days.

Hope everyone has fun!

Enjoy your stay!  



Lover of Transformations and owner of the group!

Loves to write, open to discussing anything and will happily answer questions!

If interested in a Mod/Admin Position, simply PM!

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