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A Man Undercover
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This post contains another video, starring the late Tim Conway, that I couldn't help but want to share with you guys on here.

In this video, Conway stars as the guard of a palace, which is home to the Queen of England. Being assigned as a guard at the gate, however, the king and queen, each played by Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett, are for some reason being prohibited by the guard from entering through the gate. He even keeps them from going in despite them saying that they are his superiors.

Having seen this sketch a few times on the "Carol's Favorites" DVD set of some sketches from the Carol Burnett Show, I really must say that this is a really funny skit, especially because of the situation going on and how things have been proceeding. My favorite part in particular was when the queen suddenly has enough of the shenanigans at hand, and gets so worked up toward the card, she starts yelling at the guard to where her crown goes out of place. To me, that particular part was an excellent moment to showcase one of Burnett's many talents.

Take a look at this video and tell me what you guys think:

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