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I figured that, today, it wouldn’t hurt to make my debut here of showing you all some really funny videos starring the late Tim Conway.

This sketch I’m showing you all comes from that of “The Carol Burnett Show”, where Tim Conway (before he became a regular of the show) guest stars with regular star and friend Harvey Korman as a dentist who must help his patient with his toothache.

Let me tell you all something: This sketch here is one of the funniest things, if not the funniest, to have ever come on television! It’s definitely the funniest sketch from the show, that’s for sure. Only Tim Conway could ever make something so fun out of being a dentist, especially with the way he did it. Why people don’t do any kind of thing like this anymore is something I’ll never know. In this case, making comedies that are innocent and not so mean-spirited.

I hope you all enjoy this video!

I already saw this on your blog post a while back (obviously), but it’s good to have it in this group, too. :twilightsmile:

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