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Welcome to my Rock Journal.

This will be a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the constantly moving world, much unlike the rock the world is ever changing and forgetful of the more humble things.

I'll be posting my memoirs on various subjects, about how we as Equines, Humans etc.  

Are no more different than the sediments around us.

This whole journal shall be for my eyes only, do not dare peek within...That was a joke.

I can be funny at times too.

So feel free to read anything I post within this page, on Tuesdays and Fridays I will post up open discussions on other subjects in the forums.

Such as a Open Comedy Night.

Or Perhaps a Poetry Corner.

I'd love to share my poems... they're about rocks.

All of them are about rocks.

Please follow the guidelines below.

Be respectful of each other.

Enjoy Rocks.

Discuss Rocks.

No hateful comments.

Lastly Please No Drama.

If You Have Any Further Questions Please Send A PM To Administration or Moderators Below As They Are Added.

Thank You.

Admin: Maud Pies Rock Journal.

Bio : I Enjoy Rocks.

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