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B_25 #1 · Feb 22nd, 2019 · · ·

Hey everyone! If you’re here, then chances are, you’re here to ask some questions to your favorite writers! For those in a rush for simply that, I’ve created a directory to make navigating this thread a little easier.

Each segment will have a roman numeral.

I - INTRO - You can find all the details about the stream and what it’s about.

II - GUEST THREAD - You can find your guests here. Feel free to scroll through the names and find whomever you’re looking for! If you wish to ask them a question, then start your comment with the number next to their name. Feel free to ask questions to everyone you’d wish to!

III - HOSTS - You can find our helping hosts here. This is just the names of everyone you can expect to drop in and out during the show. Should you wish to ask them questions, try joining the stream or the Discord.

IV - OUTRO - You can find the closing thoughts on the thread here. Non-essential.

~ I ~


If you have found yourself here, then I am worried you are lost—and if you are not, then I am worried for you all the more.

That aside: Welcome! Let's try to knock out these introductions quickly, shall we? The B-Team, hosted by B_25, will be interviewing twenty-four writers in the span of twenty-four hours (along with twenty-four hosts). For an hour, a guest will come on and answer the questions both you have left in the thread and whatever else The Boys have in store.

When their hour has passed, the next guest will come on, and then—you already get the process don't ya?

Below this introduction, you will find a timetable. It is filled with writers both of your recommendation and our own. You will notice a few things: one, they will have the time they are scheduled to appear below their names; two, a small commentary about them from your's truly; and third, a number next to their name.

How am I supposed to ask a particular writer a question? Will The B-Team be opening a thread for each writer?

Wha? Are you c-crazy?! The whole crew would beat me if they came back to twenty-four notifications from this place—and many more as well. Simply, this thread will serve as the question thread (and other such things) for all writers.

Nice way of saying 'I'm just lazy!' B. Alright, so how do we ask questions to a particular writer? And is there a limit to how many writers we can ask questions to?

Not nice... not one bit! Buuuut, to answer your first question, I'll walk you through the process really quick. Once you have found the writer you would like to ask a question, look at the number assigned next to their name. Now then, in your comment, put that number at the top before writing your questions.

That way, when we collect the questions, we'll take the questions you gave, look at the number you put, and assign it that writer in a separate document. For the sake of example, let me give you an example:

22. B_25
5 - 6 PM
Really likes macro and Spike, but not a macro Spike for whatever reason.

That's an example of the threat. Here's one of a comment asking B_25 questions.

Hi guys! Totally not looking toward the show, but figured I'd ask some questions anyway.
Why is it you like macro so much?
Why is it you like Spike so much?
Why is it you haven't written anything in a while?

And you get the idea.

I still wanna know if I can ask more than one writer question!

Yup! Should there be more than writer you want to ask, you would just put their number below the list of questions.

Hi guys! Totally not looking toward the show, but figured I'd ask some questions anyway.
Why is it you like macro so much?
Why is it you like Spike so much?
Why is it you haven't written anything in a while?

Hope you didn't enjoy my questions!
Why are you so much better writer than B?
Can you tell B to shut the—

...aaaand you get the idea!

Can you tell us about the stream itself now?

Er, sh00r. The show will be hosted in Lands of the Banned, which you can click HERE to join. The stream itself will take place on The B-Team Twitch. Click THIS to go there. The stream itself will take place on the Lands be this Saturday the 23rd, at 12 PM EST. From there, it will run for a full twenty-four hours, stopping at—you guessed it—12 PM EST on Sunday the 24th.

Can you provide the time table now? I think we get it already.

Yep yep! Though, should anyone have questions, you can @ me in the Discord server. That, or message any of the admins on this group.

Now then, with that out of the way... let's get this party STARTED!

~ II ~


This section here, in case you already haven’t guessed, is dedicated to the guests, their times, their bios and other such things. We will be going in order of appearance, and thus, how their number was given.

Let’s get rockin’!

1. "An Intricate Disguise"
12 PM - 1 PM (EST)

May I have the pleasure, and possibly the displeasure, to introduce my best friend on the site? He is known for his porn and his prose and something else beginning with a ‘p’. Yes, I do mean prolific.

There's not much more I can spill on the guy. There's enough material on him to fill this whole thread. But hey, if you're trying to make it in the written porn game, or are curious about the person behind the username, then now's your chance to start asking some questions.

2. "Alcatraz"
1- 2 PM (EST)

HO BOAH! Got my boy ALCATRAZ coming up on the mic! Some know him for The Evil Paradox, most know him for Friendship Lesson, and ALL know him for My Little Luna... right? Aw, c'mon boys, that fic was cute and good!

Anyway. My boy here is a New Zealander. Do with that information however you will when asking him questions.

3. "Justice 3442"
2 - 3 PM (EST)

Justice is known primarily for writing wacky yet surprisingly fresh short comedies. Though don't think shortness is all the man is about. He's got some longer works on there, some of which I'm still waiting to finish... I'm looking at you, Dan Vs crossover fic.

Also, please feel free to question when any of his incompletes will be updated! Muwhahaha.

4. "Rated Ponystar"
3 - 4 PM (EST)

Alright. Alright! I gotta be square with you all right now... Rated Ponystar?... I kinda brought him on just to talk about Enkindled Hearts. S-Seriously! It's a seriously good fic. You've got Spike. You've got Fluttershy. Ain't that perfection enough?

He has plenty of other fics, sure. Feel free to question him about them. But when it comes to Enkindled Hearts—I call dibs.

5. "Ravvi"
4 - 5 PM (EST)

If you're about that Barcast flex—or enjoy poni art in general—then you already know who the myth is. Rav is hitting us in spot five to talk about art, stories, and maybe skateboards if you're lucky. Despite Barcast stuff, you can catch him streaming art on his Picarto account.

Is he going to be drawing for us on the show? Pfft! I wish... but maybe if you ask him... NAH!

6. "Enigmatic Otaku"
5 - 6 PM (EST)

Back-to-Back Barcast flex? Say whaaaat? You got my boy, the dark-green punching bag himself, Otaku finally free to avoid hits for a full hour? Anyone who knows B knows he doesn't like messing with the lore of anything. But in this case, the boys will, no matter what, be kind and nice to Otaku.

So be sure to bully him for us with your questions ;' )

6 - 7 PM(EST)

He's a newbie, but no newbie. Un-hmm joined the site recently, but as anyone can guess, he's been writing since longer than that. Green texts tweaked and written into proper short stories, a process that's somewhat unique to see on the site. Like many of us, if you're confused from where he came from, where he gets his ideas from, or just the process of transferring over—now's your time to ask the wanderer.

...did that word trigger the song for you too? No sweat. Here's the song itself:

8. "TotallyNotABrony"
7- 8 PM (EST)

For a writer that ain't a brony, they sure have written a lot about ponies, eh? Erm. Cough cough. Excuse me, the locked of Canadian inside of me broke free for a second there. Anywho, NotaBrony here is known not only for how prolific he is, but the help he has shown new and experienced writers!

...but mostly for the prolificity. Two million words. C'mon! Someone ask the guy how he does it!

but wait... plot twist!
9. "Milk AND Snu"!
8 - 9 PM (EST)

A-ha! Gotcha! You thought we were just going to interview Milk again... until we hit you with that Snu-Snu life! That's right, the dynamic duo themselves are here and ready to, well, not kick asses per se, but definitely answer some questions.

Alright. I'll admit. With the duo's combined awesomeness, they'll be kicking The awesome these two are, they'll be kicking The B-Team's ass for sure.

9 - 10 (EST)

To be honest with you... I'm not sure how we convinced Georg to come on the stream. There was a lot of money and a lot of promises involved. None of those are allowed to be exposed to here, however. Much like Rated Ponystar, our focus will be on the story Her Royal Morning Coffee.

And, you know, the process behind creating such good stories!

...we may be asking all the questions with this one.

11. "Art Inspired"
10 - 11 PM (EST)

Porn or fluff? Take your pick because Inspired has 'em both! That and, you know, wrote Harder Than Rocks: one of the few, if only Spike X Maud story. And it works too! I don't know how they made it work, but it works, alright...

...works so well that my memory is making me re-read it.

Ask questions while I read, okay? It'll be the perfect cover!

12. "Starscribe"
11 PM - 12 AM (EST)

How did you do that? Expect that that same question to re-appear endlessly. Your prose... how did you get it so tight? Your ideas... how do you expand the premise so much? Do you write every day? How do you write every day and do it so well? Do you do drafts? Do you—

Please. Ask some questions before we ask too many of our own.

13. Kris Overstreet
12 - 1 AM (EST)

You know we're hitting you with that back to back sci-fi life! For those dead for the whole of 2018, Overstreet had been dominating the feature box the whole year with his daily masterpiece The Maretian. For fans of the story (or the writer themselves) nows the time to fire your cannons and launch your questions into the very space above us!

Just make sure it reaches the right space station, yeah?

14. "Anonpencil"
1 - 2 AM (EST)

Still with me? Good. Very good. Now then, as with the rest of you, we all know who we're being graced with here, yeah? This is a very nice person we are dealing with—at least, they are very nice until a very not nice name is said. This 'name' just so happens to be of my favorite character on MLP.

But she can't know that, or else, we're all dead.

Aside from the jokes, Anonpencil is known for about... everything. You could almost call her the caring and slightly whacky aunt of this site. Is that a compliment or an insult to her? If we get yelled at on stream, then you have your answer. Despite being a great host for Barcast, it should not be forgotten she is also a solid writer.

And I don't think that fact gets celebrated enough.

So let's try to ask her some questions that celebrate that fact, hey?

15. "Titanium Dragon"
2 - 3 AM (EST)

I don't think you have to be a good writer to be a good reviewer—but Titanium Dragon chose to be both anyway. His romances are full of fluff and are always easy, plus delightful, to read. His reviews, though on break, were usually straight to the point. I have to admit, checking out their content again for the show, that I had to place more than a few stories on my 'read it again' pile.

Please send the madlad some questions... though they'd probably prefer a RariJack photo a tad more.

16. "Darth Link"
3 - 4 AM (EST)

This one is personal. Way back in 2013, there were three fics that got me heavily into loving TwiSpike at a platonic level. First was Longing by The Myth. The other two? Post Nuptials and Families by Darth Link. He was one of the bigger boys back in 2013 that set many of the trends for how Spike and Twilight were written together.

And in cases like that, we gotta pay our respects for those who set the field for us to play on.

Ask Link about Spike. Ask him about how much the fandom has changed since was here.

Let's hit them with some good questions, 'kay?

17. "Israel Yabuki"
4 - 5 AM (EST)

Personally asked to appear from the thread itself, Yabuki makes their appearance live for us tomorrow night. An upcoming clop writer with dashes of variety from nearly every genre, it's surprising to me that I haven't heard much of their name before. But that mistake has since been correct.

For those who not have the pleasure to read them: start with A Love Stronger Than Friendship. From there on, follow the path of sequels. Done that? Come back here and leave some questions for our writer of the hour!

18. "B_25"
5 - 6 AM (EST)

Fuck this letter.

19. "Yoshikage Kira"
6 - 7 AM (EST)

Kira is best JoJo villan. Meme this post wil JoJo memes.


20. "Shakespearicles"
7 - 8 AM (EST)

The bard who slightly a tard; the man who thinks incest is wincest; the—oh you get the idea! Shakes has decided to take a seat at the other side of the table and, upon sitting down, flipped the table with his one bulged arm. Don't sweat! He's still willing to answer your questions.

Just make sure they're good questions... or he'll keep flipping the table.

21. "Abramus5250"
8 - 9 AM (EST)

Another Fimfiction legend! Gawd, my eyes are tearing up during the writing of this. Do you know what this writer wrote back in the day? Give me that Dragon's Journey life; hit me with that Solar Embrace tale. Back in 2013, Abramus was among the KINGS when it came to writing Spike.

Much like Link, he set many of the trends when it comes to writing Spike.

Let's ask him questions about how he invented those trends in the first place, 'kaaaaays?

22. "Anonymous Pegasus"
9 - 10 AM (EST)

One of the biggest and oldest porn writers to grace the site, setting many of the trends, and the starting of ideas, that we still use to this day. We're going to be inquring about that Ingress Life, and we hope you do the same with Anon's many other stories!

23. "Rambling Writer"
10 - 11 AM (EST)

Rambling Writer, for me, has one of the cleanest prose around. Their use of it is fresh and simple. Though they're known for the Tantabus series, you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't also read Up Where the Air is Clear. It's here that Rambling truly shines—putting you in moments, rather than scenes, where you are one with a character in a sublime situation.

I hope you'll join us in asking how they write such simple yet fresh stories.

...you know we had to do it to 'em...

24. "Horse Voice"
11 AM - 12 PM (EST)

You already KNOW that I saved the best for last! Horse is my favorite horror writer on the site—if not my favorite horror writer period. I've never seen a writer use the setting of a world affect every aspect of everything else occuring. Much like the fog in Silent Hill 2, the setting is always there, always off, creating an atmosphere that aids not only to the mood of the scene but create a unique immersion as a whole.

Seriously. We need to throw every question we have at the guy. There's so much we need to learn!

~ III ~

Are you curious about those helping host the program? You can find a list of the twenty-four helping hosts down here!

~ IV ~

What? You're still here? Er, welcome to the end of the thread!

Joking aside, I hope that I didn't leave too much for you folks to read. There's not many final words for me to leave you with. You know, aside from asking you to leave question, or join the stream this Saturday. I really do hope this will be a fun experience for everything involved—like a chill hangout session with all your favorite people on Fimfiction

Excluding yours truly, of course.

Anyway. Should you have any questions or concerns or whatnot, please feel free to message me directly or Shakes or AiDs. Try to have this thread dedicated to questions only...

...did ya catch that? Let's get those questions firing!

~ Yr. Pal, B ~

Feel free to ask anyone these first three.

What kind of stories do you like to read on the site?
What do you do in your free time?
Who is best pony? Or best creature?

17. What's your plan for when characters start to run low? You've done stories on so many, most of which I've enjoyed, but there are only so many main and background characters.

1. How you holding up, brother?

10. You seem like a well adjusted individual... so what the hell are you doing on this site?

What a bunch of nerds

Edit: How's it going?

for everyone:

who is best pony?


1. will you ever write something sfw?

One of these days I'll be on the list of interviewees.

And on that day I'll ascend to the Heavens and replace God himself as King of the Jews, with my first act in power being to fix Fimfics fading female scene.

Anywho, questions.

1 - An Egotistical Surprise = Can you just fuck off, fam?

14 - That scary Anon lady = In as much detail as you desire (and with no regard to B's personal feelings) please describe what course of action you would take if you were to receive a bound, gagged and all-around helpless Spike at your doorstep.

18 - :unsuresweetie: = Have you gotten over your trauma of Spoderman's big fuckoff smoochers yet, my dude?

20 - Shackles = Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

If you're okay revealing it, how much do you spend on comics? You've commissioned a ton of stuff.

Not a question, but I still chuckle about that time I had to subcontract to you to write the clop scene in a story.

What has been your greatest challenge in becoming one of the site's premiere reviewers?

I've always been confused: is it pronounced Shake-spear-icles or Shake-spear-ic-lees?

I just recently used Pensacola Lighthouse in a story. I saw on the NOAA charts that it rotates every 20 seconds. Is that a typical lighthouse period?

Are you attending any conventions this year? If Bronycon, see you there!

14. Pencil:
Why is God of War one of the best games on the market?
What’s your favorite brand of scotch?

18. B_25:
Why do you want to suck Intricate’s dick so bad?

Why did you give MLP a chance, and what convinced you to join the fandom?

Why did you start writing?

In your opinion, what is the best thing that you have written?

In your opinion what is the worst thing that you have written?

6. Enigma: When are you gonna finish up them dragon tiddies?

9. Milk & Snu: How gay are you two?

14. Pencil: Do you just get off to vomit, you sick fuck?
Also, B O I

18. B_25: What is your actual IQ?

20. Shakes: What drew you into incest?

21. Abramus: What made you decide on Spikelestia?


- Where'd you get your name from?
- What made you first decide to write/ draw/ do something creative about ponies?
- What's the weirdest thing in your wallet or bag?
- Who gave you your biggest break? ~And lastly~
- Who do you want to collaborate with next?

All good things,


10: (Georg)

  • The world you made for 1940 has some interesting possibilities, any plans on returning there?
  • Any more platinum/Clover stuff?
  • In Her Morning Coffee, it almost seemed like Dry Roast would fall into harem territory; what are you thoughts on 'herds' and the polyamory that are used sometimes on this site?

13: (Kris Overstreet)

  • Any plans on trying out other Andy Weir stories, like Artemis?
  • Do you ship Cherry/Chryssy?
  • When did you start playing Kerbal?
  • How is you van doing?

22: (Anonymous Pegasus)

  • Haven't seen you active as of late. Still have any interest in completing some of your ingress stories?
  • I really enjoyed your Affliction of the Heart stories, what inspired you to write Kuno and Warden?

All: How the hell do you guys have time to write all of this?

3. How many unreceived newspaper smacks has Starlight Glimmer earned by the end of Season 8?

10. How do you like your coffee?

What's your rough estimate for how long it takes your ideas to go from first outline to complete, ready-to-post story?

12. Seriously, how!? But in all seriousness, just how copious are the notes you compose for any given world you create for one or more stories?

13. How the heck do you balance all the cons, comic scripting, fanfic writing, and general existing?

23. On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, how painful was reading the Twilight Saga on average?

I may or may not edit the list as new questions come to mind.

What is your ideal pizza?

Group Admin

14. Pencil: Did you ask to be on at 1am? Why is our second biggest guest on in the middle of the night?
22. Anonymous Pegasus: More TwiShining Anthology when?

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