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Welcome to Howlerzz!

This Group can be joined by others if they accept the Golden Rules of Howlerzz, which you can check out here! This group isn't like the previous one, we just post stories that is made by Howlerzz Members, for now we have only a few members because we just started. A big thanks to the one who discovered Howlerzz in the first place!

We have contest entries! And some of you may say; "Tsk, every group has contest entries," Well you're wrong, we make contest just for fun, and the prizes are none. Yes, its boring, making a story worth while, but then the prizes are none, some of you guys may think that way, but we Howlerzz wanted people to co-operative with each other, you never know that once you make friends here in this site, the two of you might see each other in the real world without realising it!

The contest rules are also in the Golden Rules of Howlerzz.

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Upcoming Stories:
A Battle for Her Love
Blazing Wind: The Daughter of the Blazing

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