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A safe haven for movie lovers and TV bingers alike to read and share Human in Equestria or other pony related stories satirizing or parodying film/television, whether good or Norm of the North bad.

It's gonna be supercalifragilisticexpialadocious!

Don't forget to follow 😉

Also I follow anyone who joins so don't ask why XD

Also also, join here if ya want.

(No NSFW!):pinkiehappy:

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Are crossovers acceptable?

EDIT: It looks like they are. OK, then.

Dislikers have no lives ya know...

this is where I belong

Ah that makes sense Ill keep a look out for such storiea and add accordingly. :twilightsheepish:

Solely HiE parodies to films or parodies to films in general?

*roblox death sounds*

(No NSFW or crossovers!):pinkiehappy:

So I guess my Irreversible crossover with Rarity can go in the trash...

Greetings, everypony! /)

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