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“Welcome, you fans of Thomas & Friends! Welcome, fans of My Little Pony! Welcome one and all to the Thomas and My Little Pony crossover group! Only here can you witness the mightiest locomotives, road vehicle, aircrafts, cranes, talking truck/freight cars, coaches and many other from Sodor or other part of the world and that not all theres an other places called Equestria, a land full of magic and many different species living in Equestria witch are Ponies, Griffons, Dragons, Seaponys/Hippogriffs and other wonderful animals and creatures.”
(i will make a better Description and Group/Banner later.)

Rules (incomplete)
- No Rule 34/E621 Images or videos in this group.
- You can swear but just be careful what you saying.
- You can post anything from the show.
- Spoilers are welcome in this group.

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