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On a more practical note, this thread will serve as an archive for known facts and high-confidence inferences about Cozy Glow, intended to support fiction writing. While this may end up being a very short thread, I believe it may be useful for inspiration and ensuring canonicity.

Obvious and/or well-established facts, such as coat color, cutie mark, sadism, etc. are not the subject of interest. Rather, I ask that the focus be on deeper insights. For now I will break it up into four categories: skills, likes, dislikes, and traits. For example:

SKILLS - lock picking, oratory, puppeteering

LIKES - roasted marshmallows

DISLIKES - Twilight Sparkle

TRAITS - snoring

By high-confidence inferences, I mean conclusions that are probably true, but not fully supported by events in the show. An example would be that she's originally from Cloudsdale or some other Pegasus city. While Pegasi and unicorns are not necessarily the offspring of their respective species (e.g. the Cake Twins), most often they are.

If possible, please go the extra mile and include images documenting your discoveries (as I will shortly). Thank you in advance to any who participate for their assistance in raising awareness of Cozy Glow.

Complete List

SKILLS: lock picking1, oratory2, puppeteering3, arts & crafts (jhg), chess playing (MicahDebrink), singing/musical improvisation,4 baking7

LIKES - roasted marshmallows5

DISLIKES - Twilight Sparkle, magic users (Casketbase77)

TRAITS - snoring6, affected accent (Casketbase77), extremely unlucky (Casketbase77)

PROBABLE CHARACTERISTICS - originated in a pegasus city or town, is wealthy and/or well-connected8





[5] (see 2:43-2:49), [6] (see 1:00-1:07)

[7] (see 0:03), [8] (see 0:33-0:37)

Cozy Glow seems to like arts and crafts:

the dobermans
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Nice! This is exactly the kind of information we need.


An example would be that she's originally from Cloudsdale or some other Pegasus city. While Pegasi and unicorns are not necessarily the offspring of their respective species (e.g. the Cake Twins), most often they are.

Former doesn't lead to the latter, though - we've seen pegasi in various places, including plenty in Ponyville. I'd say her having at least one pegasus parent is extremely likely, and having two very likely, but no speculation on where they live more specific than "Equestria" can exceed "quite plausible".

Where is Cozy shown to be good at lockpicking? I don't remember

We know she has a lot of contempt for magic.

Her big solo scheme was an attempt to short-circuit the planet, Tirek claims she originally hit him up because she was fascinated by his ability to depower ponies, and even when she was wrecking sh*t as an Alicorn she shouted “That’s the thing with you magic users: So reliant on your powers that you forget to use your brains!”

So yeah, she’s very clearly got a grudge against Unicorns and magically empowered races in general. Exactly why she developed such a complex and whether it’s born of jealousy or disgust is up to interpretation. But it’s definitely a pillar of her personality.

Oh, and this isn’t related to the rest of my comment, but her accent’s fake. She speaks in that bubbly Transatlantic voice whenever she’s trying to shmooze someone over (which is admittedly most of the time), but when she loses her temper, her regular speech is shrill and tactless.

the dobermans
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When they steal the spell book describing the magic of Grogar's bell, she very expertly picks the lock to the library (I'll get a screenshot soon).

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I was thinking of it this way: say you meet someone who tells you they're from Germany. They have a strong German accent, and their English is imperfect. They also look and dress like most German people you've met. You could justifiably assume, based on probability, they're from one of the major German cities, as they are the population centers (Berlin, for instance, as opposed to Apolda). One would perhaps not voice the assumption out of politeness, of course.

i suppose. I do put her as being from a pegasus town myself (albeit a small one), but I wouldn't feel anywhere near confident in asserting it as a probability.

She also enjoys chess. And is arguably very good at chess, considering her cutie mark.

the dobermans
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Well played :raritywink:

Cozy Glow also seems to be supernaturally unlucky. 

Unlike most other villains in the show whose defeats are usually spearheaded by their own hubris (Discord lets the Mane Six take a free shot at him, Tirek hands Twilight the last key to the Rainbow Chest), Cozy’s failures usually come from factors completely beyond her control. 

In School Raze, the Tree Of Harmony defies physics to empower the Student Six.

In Frenemies she just happens to come up against Rusty Bucket, the one pony in Equestria too small-minded to fall for her cutie patootie schtick.

And of course, in Ending of the End, she’s the one who suggests going after Discord (an idea Chrysalis idiotically vetoes) and when Discord later pulls an emotional manipulation gambit in the throne room, Cozy keeps cool while Tirek takes the ruinous bait.

Conclusion: Cozy Glow is a competent schemer with good threat assessment instincts, and each victory the heroes score against her are due to either blind luck or the bullheadedness of those around her. When writing a fic featuring a plan she sets into motion, having it implode through no fault of hers is the way to go if you want to keep in line with canon. No worries; if you write her to be a big enough prat, the random wrongs will feel satisfyingly karmic.

“You nincompoops!” She slammed the door to Tirek’s room and stomped back to her own room to cry herself to sleep. Why were all her plans destined to fail so close to victory? Why did the universe mock her?

- Excerpt from Nothing But The Tooth

Considering she’s a racist child, it’s unlikely her heritage is as mixed as the Cake Twins. Otherwise, parents that carry Pegasus blood but are not Pegasus ponies would suggest she’s got some self loathing spin on that trait.

Also, flight would mean someone had to teach her. Pegasus family or access to a flight camp is more than likely.

Racist against non-ponies - I don't recall any genuine dislike of earthponies on her part, although her plan of banishing magic does sugesst some possible issues with unicorns. Still, pegasus parents is most likely simply because most ponies seem to have matching ones.

Considering she has a variant on the usual pure blood type of sentiment, I think it’s unlikely she’s a mutt.

Actually thinking about it I dunno - externalsed self-loating can be a poerful force, and it's possible she learned her distaste for magic close to home.

Off topic I know.... but.... How did you do that type of style of a comment like that?!! O_o

It took a lot of finagling and tabbing into Fimfiction’s BBCode directory to eventually get the pictures, paragraphs, and page breaks all to line up. At least on desktop. The result looks like absolute sh*t on mobile devices.

I’ve embedded pictures in my own fics before of course, but this is the first time I went whole hog in a discussion thread. Glad it turned out okayish.

Dang. Now that's skill level right there. X3

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Fantastic! One might extend this to her very being: she was simply unlucky to be born with/nurtured into a personality that was completely at odds with everything held to be good and true in Equestria.

Note that this doesn't mean her plots are well thought through or sustainable - if not for the Student Six she might have succeeded in her magic draining, but her actually rising to power in the aftermath instead of being trampled underfoot as the world fell apart is an extreme unlikely outcome. But then, not thinking things all the way through is very in character for a child, even an evil genius one.

In this thread, I predict many fanfictions will be disproven, and that scares me.

But along what we know about Cozy, she sends letter to Tirek through the mail. There's only one mail pony who would be absent-minded enough to help her (not calling her stupid; just saying it's a possibility). Derpy is seen specifically giving mail to Cozy in the opening of School Raze so we can assume that Derpy is the one that Cozy has talked into delivering mail to Tartarus in secret.

Another fact is that Cozy gave the Friendship Journal to Flim and Flam in the episode Friendship University.

Any ideas why? (And while I can't check the script right now, they must be referring to some other, private book - perhaps a compilation of lesson plans - rather than the publicly sold Journal.)

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Just speculating, but Cozy may have been trying to get Twilight ousted as headmare so that she could take her place, or act with less supervision.

I doubt she could have accomplished that - I mean, the School was basically running on Twilight's personal say-so. It's not like there was anyone who could fire her - she was an owner-operator.

I believe it was the actual Friendship Journal since it involved all of the friendship lessons Twilight had used over the years. The lesson plans were Flim and Flam's though since Twilight read one of them and was interested by it, implying that she had never thought of it and confirming that it wasn't hers. I actually involved the event of Cozy giving them the journal in the backstory fanfiction I wrote (Glow in the Dark) but the story hasn't gotten to it yet.

But... why would they need someone to sneak them a book that was published all over Equestria? Even Rusty Bucket in the middle of nowhere had one!

I can only conclude that Twilight was working on a sequel or second edition - maybe rewriting it into something more like a textbook.

In my interpretation of the event, I had written that Twilight specifically told everypony not to give a book to Flim and Flam because they would exploit it for bits. Because of this, anyone that sold the book had specific orders from the Princess of Friendship not to give the two a book. And the two couldn't get the book from random citizens either because there would've been posters that warned everyone not to give a book to them. So nopony would be brave enough to give over a book except for one filly who wasn't afraid of Twilight Sparkle in the slightest.

That tends more to the theory side of the argument though. While Cozy is unquestionably capable of inspiring speciesism, we see no sign that she's motivated by it. Her scheme would have indirectly benefited certain non-pony races as she herself points out, and we see no signs that she wasn't pursuing an alternate agenda every time she used speciesist rhetoric. She never utilizes anything of the kind in Season 9 and we see no signs that it was anything other than but a tool for her to cast doubt on her enemies.

My theory is that she was trying to start knock-off Friendship Schools to undermine Twilight's authority on the subject, (either for revenge or to better pave the way for establishing her own school). Or else she was trying to destroy the idea of competing Friendship Schools in order to establish a monopoly on teaching friendship, so that when Twilight's School fell under her control, her ties to Twilight would ensure she was the premier 'friendship expert' in Equestria.

Seems that if they were that iniversally known as untrustworthy, nopony would attend their universety at all.

She sows inter-tribal discord in Season 9 - which once again, could be a mere tool or her real feelings.

And her setting up Flim & Flam to fail is an interesting idea. Actually, I'd love to know who they thought they were dealing wih...


She sows inter-tribal discord in Season 9 - which once again, could be a mere tool or her real feelings.

Fair enough. I had forgotten about that. My point was that she never brings up non-pony discrimination again.

Twilight would have simply told the citizens of Equestria not to give them a book. But if you know market ponies like Flim and Flam, they're advertisements to learn the same lessons in half of the time would definitely motivate ponies to come to their school over Twilight's simply because it seems like the better option. Not to mention that Neighsay accredited the school so that Flim and Flam's university got the chancellor's seal of approval. Nopony would know that Neighsay only did it to discredit Twilight's school since it had non-ponies.

And you think everypony in Equestria listens to Twilight at that point? Furthermore, why would she do that unless she foresaw thir scheme, ehich clearly took her by surprise?

Twilight has had plenty of occurrences with Flim and Flam to know that they're not trustworthy, so she wouldn't want them to get a book for fear that it would be corrupted. Obviously if she expects someone to have absolutely no possible way of acquiring something and then they end up actually acquiring it, it would take her by surprise. Furthermore, Twilight didn't have the mentality of a friendship school when she published the journals, so when she created the school in the season 8 premiere, it definitely would have shocked her to think that Flim and Flam got the same idea and found a way to exploit it using something she never thought they would get.

Still, I honestly don't think she really thought about Flim and Flam before that - and if she did imagine them reading her book, I expect she hoped they might learn something from it.

Usually, I'd think that Twilight would want them to read the book and change, but you can see Twilight's skepticism throughout the episode, especially after she knows that they got her book. She is unwilling to believe that they could change, and then at the end, she is proven right (which is actually sort of screwed up when you think about it).

She's only sceptical of them once she finds out they're running a friendship school. (And ponies like that you really should always treat with suspicion.)

I might be a bit late to the party, but I would like to point out that Cozy Glows veiled hatred towards the Student Six might not be motivated entirely by racism or power-hungry tendancies.

Remember that Equestria has been attacked beforehand and invaded on at least three separate occasions at this point: twice of which were done by the Changelings through direct and indirect means. Equestria had known about the threat they posed, and had one of them become a turncoat to help glean information, but nopony decided to act on such information to figure out where their Hive actually was, or to strategize a way to try inciting revolution within the Hive to overthrow the Queen much sooner.

Then looking towards Silverstream, she indirectly points out how in their own cowardice had allowed for The Storm Kings' invasion to happen unabated, and was entirely willing to leave Equestria to be subjugated into slavery by the mad merchandise king that had already before subjugated twelve Nations, and annihilated twelve more. Chances are that Equestria would have been the latter category... with multiple cities destroyed, and thousands left dying in the streets... once The Storm King and his minions finished having their... "fun" with them...

While brief, Cozy had implied that after they had finished with Equestria, The Storm King would have turned his attention towards Griffinstone to destroy them just for fun. Along with briefly mentioning that because of their isolationism and lack of economic unity they were absolutely powerless to commit anything of an offensive or support for Equestria: which shouldn't even be the case at all since it is clarified through the friendship between Gilda and Rainbow Dash that trade can become opened to Griffinstone once again, and that Equestria was willing to initiate it with them to help Griffinstone rebuild YEARS ago. Cozy is taking a stab at their Pride which she sees as both the Griffins' Virtue and greatest Vice.

Towards Smolder, Cozy implies that Dragons are too close-minded; only putting on a show of interest in Equestria, but deeply not caring at all about what happens there and how it might even try to affect them. A level of arrogance that would greatly cost them should they be invaded by something more powerful and vicious than even them.

In much the same way as with Griffins and Dragons, Cozy is attacking the Yaks culture because of their own isolationism and pride; wholly unaware or uncaring at all what happened to Equestria in the years since Pinkie Pie first arrived there. That they would have potentially contributed towards defeating The Storm Kings forces, and that due to their arrogance had rolled out the welcome mat for a completely airborne invasion force to attack and subjugate Yakyakistan altogether once they finished with Equestria.

It may not seem like it for those that were within Canterlot at the time of the Storm Kings' Invasion, but to experience war firsthand from wherever Cozy Glow had lived had left its mark on her, and festered enough anger and hatred not directed at the other nations, but instead at her own people for their sense of Complacency these last few years with so many invasions and attacks by foreign powers. All the while Princess Celestia and Twilight constantly preaches about the importance of Harmony and Peace in Equestria, when Cozy Glow knows full well that there can never be any true "peace"throughout all facets in this world, that Twilight is too naïve to fully understand the other side of the coin, to understand the opposite of Peace: she failed to have learned about War, and how it serves as a means to destroy Peace, and also a means to better understand what is truly needed for Peace to be possible.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

"If you want Peace, than prepare for War."

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Outstanding! Twilight could have learned from Cozy, as you say, to gain additional perspective on preventing wars and invasions before they happen, rather than just react to them and hope for the best. Great insight on Cozy's distrust of the other creatures as well. Everything she said during that scene was accurate, or at least expressed a reasonable (though limited) opinion based on prior experience and pony understanding of other species. I for one didn't see it as necessarily racist: she was commenting on the perceived behavior of other nations that just happened to be composed of other types of creatures. Other pony tribes, city states, or sub-principalities could easily have been substituted (one might imagine her ideas about Crystal Ponies). Sadly, the Young Six did nothing to try to change her opinion (they might have saved Cozy's life if they had!).

"Do you know the difference between an Error and a Mistake? Anyone can make an Error, but an Error ultimately doesn't become a Mistake, unless the one who made the Error: refuses to correct it." -Thrawn

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