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Hey everybody, and welcome to Walt Disney's My Little Pony. This group is primarily for any brony or pegasister who would want to write their very own mlp story in the style of a disney movie or even one of the season premieres and/or finales into being at movie length and in said style. So basically you can rewrite the two parters like Friendship is Magic, A Canterlot Wedding, Twilight's Kingdom, Shadow Play, and so on in the length and style of a disney movie.

I always see stories that are basically either the disney movie's story being retold with pony characters and minimal if any changes, stories based of pre-existing disney movies, or the characters from disney movies meet the characters of mlp.

I'm hoping this group will inspire fanfic writers to write their own original mlp stories that have of that disney feeling, or at the very least rewrite the adventure focused premieres and finales to be longer and have the wonderful disney magic sprinkled in their.

That it now friends.

Have fun, and go spread that Disney Magic of Friendship.

p.s. both characters from friendship is magic as well as original characters are aloud.

And p.p.s. no NSFW.

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