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The Center - An LGBT resource center/organization.
The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality. Helpful introduction. Almost as useful to hand someone who is close to an asexual or who "doesn't believe" in asexuality.
AVEN: The Asexuality Visibility and Education Network. Info on lots of stuff, plus a forum.
The Great Attraction Master Post. For those of you wondering, "what does it mean? My God, what does it mean!" List of the different types of attraction: sexual, aesthetic, romantic, etc.
Hallelujah, It's Raining Labels. For the curious. May not be for the label-phobic.
Asexuality: The Hidden Orientation: An article from U.S. News and World Report.
Did you know you can be asexual and also kinky as heck? Apparently, you can.
The Thinking Asexual has some handy resources.
The Asexual Census. There's some really interesting information in here for trans people, sexual people, and just people curious about people people.
The Are You Demisexual? Test. I found this limited in its utility, because it conflates sexuality with romanticism, but it's a start.
The Asexual Agenda. This is an interesting general site, with all kinds of news and links.
Demi-Grey: An advice blog for asexuals, demisexuals, Grey-A, and questioning people. This blogger also runs a resource site, and
Demi Grey Speaks, a personal blog with interviews, etc.
The Carnival of Aces. Every month, a different blogger hosts a themed set of blog entries on a given topic. Incredible variety here, including religion, family, relationship expectations, the media, etc. - An activist site/has many news-related things.
The Trevor Project - An organization that helps LGBT youth in crisis and has hotlines and people to talk to. They're defining youth as people from 13-24, for a general idea. If you need someone with training to talk to you, please check this out.
Point Foundation - it's scholarships and stuff.
This article has resources for high school and colleges students who identify as LGBT.
GLAAD - no, not the trash bag. This equal rights site has a resource list too.
National LGBT Health Education Center - Does this need a mini-description? This site aims to educate and provide health resources for LGBT people.
This page of the American Psychological Association has LGBT resources.
This page of a suicide prevention site has LGBT resources.
It Gets Better - A site that inspires LGBT people and offers moral support.
National Council on Family relations has a resource page for assisting families.
The Naming Project - helps LGBT people of the Christian faith express themselves and share their experiences.

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