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This is the introduction thread! Tell everyone a little bit about you, dangus. Also, this is a really good place to let everyone know what your pronouns are so I don't forget.

I'm Ice, but you might know me by some variation of my handle. I'm extremely asexual and I write lots of Sombra (and princess ponies). Either binary pronoun works for me. That's really 'bout it. Read my stories.

*slides in*

Hey I'm Sammie! I'm your friendly neighborhood demisexual. A lot of people call me other variants of my handle, which is perfectly fine! I use she/they pronouns, and I'm completely smitten with the idea of Sombra being like the title character of Hamilton.

Feel free to message me if you need to vent about anything and you don't want it to be public <3

Hello! I'm Sixes and Sevens, I'm extremely asexual and aromantic, and I tend to prefer they/them pronouns. I write horse words and draw horse pictures. Also Time Lord words and pictures. Also occasionally silly poetry. I like to talk about time travel, the biology and cultures of fictional creatures, and why eldritch abominations have gotten a bad rap, plus whatever weird facts I've stumbled across in my endless quest for knowledge.

I'm Nic, you can use any pronouns on me



Hello, I'm TheMareWhoSaysNi! Though it doesn't speak to any of my friends, I describe myself as demi heteroromantic and sex indifferent. I use the "she" pronoun. I mostly write stories with Rainbow Dash as the main character and SoarinDash as the main couple. I also like drawing comics, music and classic movies. I can't wait to chat with fellow Aces :twilightsmile:

Also, can I publish here a multichapter story with Dashie being openly demi, though her sexuality isn't the main focus of the plot? (Maybe I should have asked my question in another topic...)

Hello! I'm Savageries. I'm your typical, run of the mill asexual. I go be "she" "her" "hers" pronouns.
I haven't written any asexual fictions for this site (at least not yet). I like to read, vote, and perhaps add a little feedback.
I love to read Ice's stories. This is how I got here.

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