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Data Entry: Changeling Princess
Affiliation: Changelings

The princess of Chrysalis’s “Changeling Empire”. Born to Chrysalis through the union of herself and an actor named Crescentlane, the princess’s father was disposed of by Chrysalis before she was born. Raised in the absolute lap of luxury, Chrysalis gave her daughter the best in education that she could afford, which was to say the very epitome of swordsmanship and marksmanship, along with music and more mundane topics, but none of these were what the princess truly wanted. Moonglade wanted to be free. The return of the princess’s aunt signalled a new chapter in her life, and was sent to study at Crystal Prep Academy under the alias and persona Silver Rose.

Silver Rose quickly acclimated to the school environment, making some friends, but also gaining a rival in Sunny Flare, another student there, who was a part of the school’s famous Shadowbolts. Back at the estate, Queen Chrysalis continued with her regular training, though it quickly became apparent that her daughter was not doing what Chrysalis wanted her to do. With Chrysalis’s drive for her daughter to live like the princess she was, and the princess’s desire for a normal mortal life, tensions in the household would have quickly boiled over had it not been for the mediating presence of the queen’s sister. Still, she struggles with controlling three separate lives and identities.

Likes: Good food, making new friends, her plushies, new things
Dislikes: Too much attention, having to pretend to like someone, incorrect history books

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 2