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Data Entry: Velvet Breeze
Affiliation: Assassins, Canterlot High School

Raised in a household of abusive parents, Velvet Breeze never really understood the meaning of love and friendship. All she ever saw was her parents arguing, along with the occasional palm or fist. Her older sister, Satin Breeze, would get her out of the house as much as she could, and because of that, Velvet never really spent time in her home as well. Most of her time was spent in the yard, throwing balls all to her lonesome.

After a rough squabble, where her dad had grabbed a kitchen knife, Satin had wisped Velvet out of there, running away from Hollow Shades to Trottingham to begin a new life. Her older sister had never told her the real reason for moving to Trottingham, but Velvet didn’t care. It was nice being in a different place. A place without violence. Or so she thought.

Going through school, Velvet didn’t know how to make friends, coming from her strained background, so she never bothered making any new ones. Velvet was mostly an invisible kid, with her peers sometimes forgetting she was even there, but she didn’t mind. It was a quiet life. Much better than the one she had back in Hollow Shades.

Unfortunately one day, tragedy struck and Velvet Breeze soon found herself pulled into an age old conflict of two factions vying for control over artifacts from another world. It was during this that Velvet was sent to Canterlot High School to spy on a girl named Sunset Shimmer, needing to know why their enemies were so interested in her. Little did Velvet know here, that she was going to get the wildest ride of her life. A ride of friendship she had never had before.

Likes: Mangoes, any kind of fruit, throwing objects, pitching, writing, parkour
Dislikes: Violence, yelling, beef, watermelon seeds, Wolfgang

Art by Cinders of War

Interesting. Also, I saw a typo. You wrote occasional palm of fist, but I think you meant palm or fist.

A bag of plums
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Noted and corrected. :twilightsmile:

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