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Data Entry: Home Run
Affiliation: Canterlot High School

Home Run was born and raised in Fillydelphia, living there most of his life. His father, Homebound, was a bus driver for the school he went to, Fillydelphia State School, and his mother, Cold Pack, was a doctor, who worked in a private clinic.

Life was nothing out of the ordinary. Home Run had taken a liking to baseball and he had started playing from the age of six and all the way to highschool, where he had been captain of the Fillydelphia State School Mustangs. Home Run had been good at what he did, but almost too good. He had become too confident in his abilities and he had let that pride get to him, believing he was good enough to do anything on the field and that he knew best.

Unfortunately, this pride resulted in an injury during the semi-finals of the baseball championships, taking him out for the rest of the game. Home Run couldn’t forgive himself for that reckless play and eventually, he stepped down as captain, thinking someone less careless would be better suited to lead the team.

Home Run’s father was soon given a job transfer to be a bus driver for Crystal Prep Academy in Canterlot, and so their family moved, with Home Run thinking it was best for his team that he was going to be out of their way.

Never really having friends, because of his pride, Home Run wasn’t missing anything when he started his new school life at Canterlot High School. It was there that his life really took a turn for the better when he met the Rainbooms. Through them, he learnt the true meaning of friendship.

Likes: Baseball, blue, guitars, strawberry milkshakes, video games
Dislikes: Doing badly in baseball, chemistry, mustard, jam, traffic

Art by Cinders of War

Interesting.........also, may wanna add Moonglade to the list of things he likes.

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