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Data Entry: Canvas Splash
Affiliation: Crystal Prep Academy

Born into a family of artists, Canvas Splash received an upbringing of fine art and culture. Even from an early age in day care, people began to notice her skill with a pencil and paintbrush. She was soon enrolled in many extra lessons and courses to refine her artistic skills. From these classes she learned sculpting and wood carving, as well as furthering her education in two-dimensional art. 

However, while she was greatly gifted in art and the aesthetics, Canvas had very few friends growing up. Most of them wanted her to draw things for them or to be taught by her, but these friends often either disappeared from her classes when it became apparent that they were outclassed, viewed Canvas as a rival, or found her too weird for their liking.

Not having much in terms of social skills, she didn’t mind at first, but upon reaching high school, Canvas began to see how other people had friends, and felt inadequate due to her lack of them, though she was unable to express or understand this want for friends.

Canvas had always been different, growing up. And others had noticed this too. For most of her life, Canvas had always been picked on or outright bullied, just because it was amusing to them how she reacted. She would shrug them off most of the time, used to it, but inside, though she didn’t quite know how to understand these emotions, it hurt, and this hurt would sometimes show itself in the form of tears.

Canvas would often find solace in her sketchbook, whom she affectionately named Sketchy. He was the only one who was always there for her when she needed someone to talk to.

Since starting school at Crystal Prep Academy, Canvas was further exposed to more isolation than ever before, owing to the highly competitive nature of the school. She spent a lonely freshman and sophomore year mainly focused on her art, but was singled out for mockery by the Shadowbolts and other students. It wasn’t until Ebony Wings’ daughter, Silver Rose, enrolled that she found her first friend, and someone who was willing to befriend her without reservations. Little did she know that Silver Rose had more than a few secrets of her own…

Likes: Painting, Sketchy the Sketchbook, Silver Rose, drawing, sculpting, photography, chicken salad, sprinkles
Dislikes: Wet paper, people who ruin art, bad photoshop, people pointing out her unusual tendencies, bullies, pork ribs or anything with too much bone

Art by Cinders of War

Oooohh..... Canvas! I sympathize so much! I'm glad you found a friend!

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