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Data Entry: Rose Petal
Affiliation: Assassins

Rose Petal grew up in the East with her parents and three brothers. Under the rule of the tyrannical Tiger Claw, life was hard for them, as Tiger Claw was constantly unjustly taxing his subjects and making up new laws to benefit the ruling class while the lower classes suffered. After Rose Petal’s two oldest brothers were conscripted into the despot’s private army, she grew to resent the ruling class and convinced her remaining brother to help support the rebels who were secretly fighting back against Tiger Claw’s injustice.

While too young to fight in the rebellion, Rose Petal contributed to the effort by running messages and helping to smuggle supplies. However, one night she went to Tiger Claw’s palace to pay the taxes and instead found that the palace had been attacked by what looked like a small army. Tiger Claw’s standing militia had been completely destroyed by an unknown force, and as she watched, a woman in dark armor and a mask appeared on the balcony, holding Tiger Claw’s decapitated head. It was an image that would be burned into Rose Petal’s mind forever.

Realizing just how many people could be saved by just killing one person, Rose Petal then aspired to be like the woman in black. Once she was old enough, she heard tell of a group of Assassins to the West who were also fighting injustice. Packing up her weapons and bidding farewell to her family, Rose Petal eventually found herself stationed at the Trottingham bureau of the Assassin Brotherhood. She keeps in contact with her remaining family and sends some of her salary to them.

Likes: Eastern food, liberty, kung-fu movies, Eastern comics and cartoons
Dislikes: Injustice, tyrants, Western cartoons, people intruding on her meditation

Art by Cinders of War

Cool! Although, why don't you just call "Eastern Cartoons" Anime, and "Eastern Comics" Manga? But, I digress. This is awesome!

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