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So I've been looking back at the old covers, and I must say, Rift has some of my favourite covers.
Let's start with the first one, shall we? I also want to have these here sort of like an archive. To remember how we've progressed.:twilightsmile:

So the cover for Rift's first act was a rather simple one, and even more so, since it was for my first ever story here. I'd only just started to learn how to draw in the MLP style and yes, it was strangely odd compared to what I normally do. Unfortunately, it's become hard to draw anything outside this style now. :twilightoops:
This one was rather simple, with just the Mane 6 + a certain princess from Equestria, along with my first OC here, Home Run. Strange why we decided to pick a baseball playing character, seeing as none of us have really played baseball before, but here we are now... with a baseball playing OC.
This one was just drawn out on paper first, because back then, we had yet to acquire a drawing tablet of any sort. :twilightblush:
Yes, it used to be all mouse. You could guess how long each picture took.
We actually even came up with a reason as to why Sunset's colours had changed between the second and third Equestria Girls movies, but I suppose that part's mainly covered in Plums' story, Leap of Faith.

And then we move on to our second cover for Rift's second act. This one wasn't much in terms of an actual cover, but in the end, it became our cover for Act 2. The title wasn't there, but the message it needed to convey was. With the defeat of Captain Vor, our shadowy friend us Warframe players know so well, decides to show up to cause some trouble for the main characters, followed by Duality, who was another of our new OCs with quite a past with Equestria.

Now, this one wasn't too difficult as well, seeing as it was quite a random spray of colours for the background. The characters were drawn on paper as well, which was then coloured over by the mouse once again. :pinkiegasp: Yes, today, I've actually forgotten how it was like to trace everything with the mouse. It was certainly a lot of effort, but with the tablet now, everything has become so much easier.
And so that was our second act, with the Stalker and Duality coming after our heroes for various reasons.

And so we arrive at our third act, or part 3, as the cover says. This picture wasn't actually planned. I happened to have nothing to do one day and to give myself something to do, I decided to do up a new cover for Rift, and here we are. The cover was heavily inspired by Warframe's Second Dream update, with the image itself almost a replica in terms of positioning with Warframe's actual picture. This cover was actually the least amount of effort of our three Rift covers, because there wasn't even much tracing. It was simply filling in shapes and shadows and suddenly, we have quite an interesting piece for you over here. I don't know about you all, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out in the end.

Well, that's all for this archive! Perhaps there might be more one day, but for now, stay tuned for more Bloodlines updates! And do let us know what you think! Cheers!

Awesome! I always love your art!

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