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Data Entry: Emerald Edge
Affiliation: Crystal Empire

Emerald Edge had been born to a well-off family of crystal pegasi, and they had the privilege to have a home near the city center, where they always had front row seats to watch the Crystal Fair.

Emerald had always had respect and awe for Princess Amore, when she would show herself at the Fair, and dreamed of becoming one of the Crystal Guards one day, just so she could serve her princess.

From young, Emerald didn’t really have many friends and those whom she befriended didn’t last long, losing contact with her at the various stages of her life. The young pegasus had learnt to manage without others, going through her life alone, managing by herself, even after becoming a guard when she was old enough.

However, she had never quite fit into the guard role, messing up on marching routines and inspections. She had thoughts of leaving, but Princess Amore was the one who saw more in her. Appointing Emerald as her new Spymaster, Emerald soon found this was a task she was suited for. She didn’t have to follow marching rhythms, she didn’t have to get yelled at by drill sergeants, and she most certainly didn’t need to be around other ponies all the time.

In her time as Spymaster, Emerald Edge began developing her tactics at stealth and subterfuge under the tutelage of the Crystal Empire’s previous Spymaster. She ran many dangerous secret missions, both in the service of Princess Amore and in that of Princesses Celestia and Luna. When the previous Spymaster finally retired, Emerald was more than happy to take his place.

While she liked being alone, Emerald did have other friends in some of the other guards and their captain, Jade Crystal, but her best friend was Light Speckle, Princess Amore’s court mage. Being alone most of the time too, both crystal ponies would share the stories of their adventures, with Emerald’s favourite tale to recount being her battle with a dragon.

Likes: Apple cider, the Crystal Fair, serving her princess, flying, going on missions, Sir Morn Dread
Dislikes: Sombra, dark magic, getting lost, attention

OK. Didn't see that coming. But, this is good. Thanks for it.

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