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Data Entry: Steel Shine
Affiliation: Assassins

Steel Shine had been born and raised within the Brotherhood, the only child to Mentor Steel Glance and her husband, Charter Soul. From an early age, she had been raised to eventually replace her mother as Mentor of the Assassin Brotherhood, learning the ways of the Assassins and the role of a leader.

She had grown up together with a few other children in the Brotherhood, but her closest and dearest friend was Star Lance, son of her mother’s lieutenant, Silver Spear. The two of them never went anywhere without the other and when they were eighteen, that friendship soon turned into love. One that would last for decades.

When Steel Shine had turned twenty five, her mother had sacrificed herself to save her Assassins from an ambush from the Templar Order, tapping too deeply into the sword’s magic, using her own life force to protect those she cared for. It was then that Steel Shine had to fully take up her mother’s mantle upon herself, something she had felt she was not ready for.

After her ascension to Mentor of the entire Assassin Brotherhood, she soon made the decision to make Star Lance her lieutenant, as well as partner. It was sometimes said that while Steel Shine’s ability to lead and wield the artifact was indeed mighty, Star Lance was the one who the Assassins respected, and feared, more. Steel Shine did nothing to quell these rumors, indicating that on some, perhaps subconscious level, she was in agreement. Steel Shine, like the Mentors before her, aged slower than usual, speculated to be from the sword’s energy that also rubbed off on her partner. While nothing could confirm the latter half of the hypothesis, it was indeed true that Steel Shine looked younger than she had any right to be.

She took it upon herself to face Templar Grand Master Sombra once he attacked the Trottingham bureau.

Likes: Star Lance, a long and restful sleep, reading
Dislikes: Insubordination, mess, fried food


A long and restful sleep, reading.

Huh, I enjoy those as well.

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