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Welcome to the Colab Writers of the Jedi Order that is this group. The only requirements are that you have a story that needs collaboration. Down below are some rules and the Jedi Ranks for the group.

* Stories don't have to be "Star Wars" themed in order to be submitted into the group
* Credit your fellow collaborators once the story is complete
* Don't give Anakin the rank of Master
* Roleplaying in the forums is encourages, and any RP forums will be pinned. Otherwise, they won't be pinned, and you might wanna go to the final stinking page.
* No hating on your fellow Jedi (and Sith) for disliking any of the Star Wars films

Jedi Ranks
1. Padawan: You receive this rank by joining the group and submitting your story.
2. Jedi Knight: You receive this rank by helping a fellow padawan complete their story
3. Jedi Master: You receive this rank by achieving 5 collaborations. This rank is off limits to chosen ones.
4. Jedi Council Member: You recieve this rank by being a moderator the group (I dunno how to work a group, OK?)
5. Jedi Grand Master: This rank is for the Admin.
6. Sith Apprentice*: This rank is received by writing a mature story involving violence, gore, etc.
7. Sith Master*: This rank is recieved by writing a mature story with fetishes, lustful content, etc. (just give a moderator a heads up before you submit it)

*These two ranks are for if someone wants to write a mature story. A separate folder will be created for such a thing. These two ranks are restricted to the admin. Moderaters may be Sith Apprentices, but not masters. There can also be more than one sith in this group, so don't worry about the rule of 2.

Anyway, that's all I got for rules, ranks, and whatnot, so yeah. May the Force be with you.

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