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Each month we will be spotlighting one pairing, or suggesting a writing prompt. As you may have seen on the main page, this month's area of focus is Adagio x Chrysalis.

What makes a perfect match, in shipping terms? There are many pairings that lead to great stories, with explosive dialogue, enjoyable chemistry, interesting differences of viewpoint, fiery passion and so on. Some make great rivalries (Adagio x Rainbow Dash), some lifelong friendships (Adagio x Rarity), some one-night hook-ups (Adagio x Trixie), some short romances (Adagio x Applejack, at a stretch) and some all of the above and a whole lot more (Adagio x Aria).

For me, the gold standard has always been characters that would get a happily ever after together. Characters who could build a shared life that, twenty years on, will continue to make both parties happier than they would be apart - and without the requirement that one or more of them substantially change who they are. All the other outcomes can still make great stories, but I wouldn't call two characters perfect for each other unless they led to an ultimate happy ending.

There are only two matches I'd say are perfect for Adagio, and Chrysalis is one of them.

I don't think there's another MLP character she has so much in common with. A calculating, patient predator who's at home lurking in the shadows but paradoxically loves the spotlight. Someone who schemes and plans and does whatever she has to to twist and manipulate everyone around her into the positions she wants. Someone with no choice but do everything that needs doing herself, because she's surrounded by idiots. Someone who celebrates victory drawing within her grasp with a song.

Someone who loves being bad, and is really good at it.

In practical terms, there are reasonable grounds to suggest both are immortal, so at least matching lifespans isn't a problem. Now you just need to sort out them being in the same universe!

What would someone who sacrifices everything to feed her family see in someone who shows such disdain for her own sisters? What would someone who got so far with only two underlings think of someone who lost even with a whole hive to back her up? Here's a well-regarded sample of the ship, but we need you to write more! Maybe there's a new kid at CHS who no one trusts because she's so dark and brooding, and so ends up on the same social pariah lunch table as the sirens. Maybe, after losing her hive in season 6, Chrysalis flees through the mirror to the EG world, and Adagio helps her adapt to life without magic. Maybe the sirens sneak back to Equestria to rescue and revive a fellow villain trio from petrification. Maybe two heads are better than one, and the two foremost tyrants-to-be figure they've a better chance of success together.

Artwork provided by fallenangel5414, with the piece further up by firefox238.

Last year a lot of our promoted ships were focused on the mane cast, so I think this year we might focus more on side characters again.

If this is a ship you like the sound of, this thread is probably a good place to discuss it. I joined this group not just to see all the unusual siren ships in one place, but to encourage others to write more of them, so if you're thinking of writing an Adagio x Chrysalis story or have one in the works already, by all means let us know in the thread below. Or just discuss the ship: what you like about it and why, what problems you've encountered with it before, what scenarios you can envision for the two of them. Just talking about it like that can inspire others with new story ideas, some of which might get written down, at which point we all benefit :twilightsmile:

That last pic is so fucking cute omg.

Anyways, I think maybe Chrysalis could have some begrudging respect for Adagio in the very beginning since she and the Dazzlings not only damn near actually won and got what they wanted, but they did it all on their own with just the three of them versus the humane 6(and only lost because plot convenience). Adagio could have some fun poking at Chrysalis failing her master plan even though she had an entire army for backup, leading to some heated arguing which leads to them picking at each other's failed plans, etc. That'd be fun.

"Stupid bug."
"Stupid fish."

Then maybe Chrysalis reveals that at one point she had a run in with Starswirl, and they both start mocking and making fun of him, sharing laughs at it, until Adagio reveals that Starswirl actually managed to banish her and her sisters to the EqG verse. Now it's Chrysalis' turn to make fun of Adagio's failure, "You mean you actually fell for his mirror trick? How!?" leading to more bickering.

Lots and lots of bickering and poking fun at each other in the beginning. Then Adagio breaks out some wine.

You do realize, of course, what this means, Summer? You are now obligated to finish a certain story you've been sitting on for a while, yes? :duck:

Anyway, this is pretty fun! Thank you so much for recommending one of my works. This prompt is making me wanna take another crack at the ship. And I was considering a resolution to write at least 1 Dazzling story a month...

Dangit now all I can think of is they keep doing model poses at each other, while getting frustrated said poses aren’t working

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7406806 It's the cover from an old story in which Chrysalis and an OC are the sirens' parents. Unfortunately the writing isn't the best, from what I remember.

I could definitely see them enjoying a glass of wine together, while looking down on the rest of the world!

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7406842 ...Yeah... I've been thinking about that recently, since Jinglemas, I might have to just go with the wrong ending to get the thing done :twilightsheepish:

That would be quite the resolution! Certainly puts a schedule in place, which might help with motivation maybe? You're welcome, I really enjoyed rereading it :twilightsmile:

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7407276 I have a vague recollection of a story of those two both as models, I think, maybe?


some short romances (Adagio x Applejack, at a stretch)

Wow, cool. :p

Ooo shit! Gauntlet thrown?

I think its one of those resolutions that's waaY easier to make than keep hah. Heres hoping tho! I've been at least throwing ideas around.

Hmm, *wrong* ending you say? Hit me up on Discord! Im hella curious.

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7407827 Yeah, I'll stand by that.

The monthly post goes out to the whole group, regardless of what stories they've read, so those suggested ships needed to be fairly imaginable even if you'd never read them. No others really sprang to mind for short but not long term romance, so I thought of your story Appledagio. That story did a pretty phenomenal job of making it believable those two would get together, which I would not have thought possible before reading it. But it's the only story that's managed it, hence the 'at a stretch.' (Crackshipping & You: AppleDazzle does a great job with them being sort of friends, but doesn't really go for the romance angle).

...As for the suggestion that Adagio and Applejack get a long-term romance and happy life together, I don't think any story could ever persuade me of that. They're just too different.

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