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Can't you see? Tell me why
You still linger in a world of strife.
Your heart bleeds, you're dead inside,
Love to you is like cyanide.

December is an awkward one, because there's one very obvious prompt theme the world over. The problem is it's the same every year, so fresh ideas are hard to come by. If you'd like to write a Christmas story of an uncommon siren ship, you definitely should. But in the meantime, we're here to contemplate whether or not a band named Sirenia, of all things, might just be onto something.

Changelings feed on love. Sirens feed on hatred, distrust, and strife. So what if the opposite food poisoned them? We've seen again and again how Harmony triumphs over evil in Equestria and the land of Equestria Girls, and how much happier everyone is once they've been redeemed and reformed. What if it's not merely ambition and stubbornness keeping the sirens pitched against that? We saw them in Equestria, where they were opposed to the gallant heroes, and ended up suffering for it. We saw them at CHS, where they were again opposed to the gallant heroes, and again suffered for it. And we might have seen them years later at a music festival. Did they finally realise their folly and finally welcome the hero with open arms?

So the supposition of their reasoning, for the purposes of this prompt, is that love is toxic to sirens. You could take that on a big scale, with the triumph of Harmony being something that must be stopped if the sirens are to survive. But you could also look at it much more personally. What happens when a siren herself falls in love, knowing that doing so will lead to her wilting away and dying? Does their own subconscious sense of self-preservation try to sabotage their chances? Do they just cut and run after holding out as long as they can? What can you add beyond the standard 'true love is worth dying for!' cliché?

And what does it mean that the fractious bond between the three of them is the way it is because anything else would hurt them? What kind of universe would create such creatures, and then push so heavily for their defeat?

Here are some rules! Or guidelines, at least - who are we to tell you what to do?

There will be:

No maximum word limit! :yay:

No minimum word limit, aside from fimfiction's thousand-word standard! :pinkiehappy:

No rating restrictions! :moustache:

No prizes! :trollestia:

No SunDagio! :raritystarry:

No AriNata! :rainbowderp:

No SonPie! :pinkiesad2:

No time limit! :trixieshiftleft: ...I mean, it'd be nice to get it done this month, but, given the above thing about no prizes, if it takes you longer then it takes you longer... However, if you get it submitted this month then we'll read it and talk about it and shower you with praise, whereas by next month we'll have moved onto a different area of focus.

No more redemption and happiness without consequence!

And that's it!

Sunset: ILY
Aria: brb literally puking

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7384553 Already a better story than most of the

Sunset and/or OC: <Smiles>
Adagio: Look at us, we're good now!

stories, which must constitute at least 50% of siren works.

I want SunDagio and AriNata 😭😭😭❤️❤️💍

Well it's definitely out there.

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7384715 Then you are in the wrong place! You might want to try here and here.

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