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Each month we will be spotlighting one pairing, or suggesting a writing prompt. As you may have seen on the main page, this month's area of focus is Sonata x Sunset.

Strange to think we haven't done this one before, it's the most popular ship we have a folder for here. Common opinion in the wake of Rainbow Rocks was that if any of the sirens were to reform or grow closer to the Rainbooms, Sonata would be the first, and Sunset would most likely be the one to lead her through it by the hand. And because some fimfic writers are a bit iffy about power dynamics within relationships, and the risk of relapse when embarking on a relationship soon after trying to turn over a new leaf (and a relationship with your sponsor, no less), and the idea of some people existing purely to be living, breathing trophies for another's good deeds, then... yeah, a lot of those Sunset-helps-Sonata-reform stories ended up with them as a couple.

But I'm sure some of them manage to avoid those pitfalls and are good stories about healthy relationships :trollestia: If not, yours could be the first! Don't forget that, on top of the bit in the paragraph above, you probably also want to take care not to make Sonata too childlike, since that would give her relationship with an adult a bit of a creepy vibe. She can be ditzy, literal-minded, and dumb as a rock, but Sunset's her girlfriend, not her caretaker.

What would someone who beat the humane six see in someone who lost to them? What would someone with as short a temper as Sunset see in someone as infuriating to be around as Sonata? I imagine you've all already read one particular well-regarded example of this ship, but we need you to write more! Maybe Sunset and Sonata keep their distance from each other even after the latter's return to CHS, but that becomes impossible when they're paired up for a class project. Maybe they both end up working at the same fast food establishment, because having standards is nice but rent waits for no woman. Maybe Sonata starts hanging out with Sunset just to get away from Adagio and Aria sleeping together non-stop at home. The more removed you can make Sunset's role in any reformation of Sonata's, the better chance they stand as a couple. So maybe it's time to pull out a classic setup like they end up as college roommates, and neither has ever met anyone as effortlessly irritating as the other.

I chose this one to celebrate the start of Lockdown 2: Lockdown Some More, cropped from the original by howxu. The piece further up is by badumsquish.

If this is a ship you like the sound of, this thread is probably a good place to discuss it. I joined this group not just to see all the unusual siren ships in one place, but to encourage others to write more of them, so if you're thinking of writing a Sonata x Sunset story or have one in the works already, by all means let us know in the thread below. Or just discuss the ship: what you like about it and why, what problems you've encountered with it before, what scenarios you can envision for the two of them. Just talking about it like that can inspire others with new story ideas, some of which might get written down, at which point we all benefit :twilightsmile:

This one has my seal of approval.

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7365429 I will rubber stamp and double tick your seal of approval :twilightsmile:

Any thoughts on what's particularly good about these two?


Unlike the other two sirens and any other character, the two have some chemistry. It's a very tiny bit. But the hip-bump in the hallway scene could be interpreted as fuel if your shipping goggles are calibrated correctly.

As I've noticed before, Sonata is prone to pay attention to things in her surroundings and interact with them. She comes across as ditsy/shallow because we, the audience, tend to be paying attention to what the camera/narrative is telling us to pay attention to. Adagio's plan is that focus when the three are on screen. Aria is paying attention to that plan. Sonata notices that it's Taco Tuesday.

Sonata seemed to notice Sunset and focus on her. Even when the other two had decided to make an exit. Again, shipping googles. But she's the only one of the three that seemed particularly interested in Sunset and it's not hard to suggest it's a positive interest.

You still, of course, have the "but they're evil" component to tackle. But we have some value from canon in that regard. Our update on their situation at the end of the series shows that they didn't need a caretaker. They're back to singing, without needing the Rainbooms to provide therapy. They seem to be pursuing a legitimate music career, and that serves to put the two as equals for a healthy relationship. Both sought to harm others but moved on.

There is room to introduce conflict still. There's been a softening of the villainy, however, to where a relationship looks good. And there's already hints of attraction at least one way. The pair have a lot of good ingredients to build a shipfic out of.

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7365657 I hadn't even thought about Sonata lingering the corridor, that would be a very interesting angle to expand and explore. Likewise, the hip bump could be fun to twist into more a flirtatious thing. And you're right that Backstage Pass sets them up as being less in need of reformation from Sunset's point of view. All of which could set the scene for a much more interesting, unique Sonata and Sunset story than we've seen in a long time, if ever.

I think we both have a decent grasp on what the ur-shipfic looks like involving a siren:

Rainbow Rocks occurs. Sirens defeated in battle. Lose magic (immortality, etc.).

Rainboom meets siren. Siren has the sad/pitiable situation. The Rainboom extends hand and pulls siren out if pit/crater. Metaphorically, of course. Though possibly a literal reenactment of Sunset's Friendship Lazering.

Teaching siren to be good not bad therapy ensues. Love/lust too.

Maybe others have picked up on the potential of Backstage Pass. But this offers a different and better ur-shipfic.

Rainbow Rocks and Backstage Pass occur. Sirens defeated in battle but find their own path to recovery. This alone has several story possibilities to explore. Was it their bond with each other that saw them recover? Did someone else serve as their therapist?

Rainboom meets siren. The events of Backstage Pass could serve as the setting for this meeting. Or it could be some time later. Maybe the Dazzlings are on tour and return to Canterlot City. Maybe the Rainboom travels elsewhere. Maybe both. A brief encounter during Backstage foreshadows the later meeting under different context.

Instead of teaching siren to be good not bad with a forced relationship of caretaker and patient, we instead explore how the siren got to where she is. We can decide if she needs to go further. Maybe she has some wisdom to offer to the Rainboom. Or maybe the siren just needs better PR the way Sunset had in fighting the sirens. The Dazzlings are better and just need to go through the forgiveness part.

Romance/lust can happen in its own way. Perhaps tangled with the above. Perhaps not. Maybe there's no need for forgiveness or further improvement. Maybe the siren has just built a good life where she lives and the Rainboom joins in that life.

Backstage Pass kept the door open for the old fic style and made it better through softening the edges. It opened further doors as well.

Build any siren shipfic you like with any plot and the above improves it.

Sunata is a super cute one to sail though.

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7368549 That's got to be one of the most useful posts we've ever had here. I found Backstage Pass anti-climatic, both in itself and where it left the sirens, but I agree it offers a huge amount of new opportunities for a readjusted playing field. MetaSkipper signed off their interview last month saying they were working on a large post-Backstage-Pass story, maybe that's the route they'll end up going. I'd be very interested to see what others make of it.

Setting a story later would also be a handy plot device for only involving the characters you want to, rather than having to drag the whole gang into it, as they might have gone separate ways after the end of high school anyway. Oddly enough I think it's more likely the sirens would still be together as a trio by then than the seven girls who sing about the magic of friendship.

This group has made the list of stories I wish I had time to write at least twice as long over the years!

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