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Each month we will be spotlighting one pairing, or suggesting a writing prompt. As you may have seen on the main page, this month's area of focus is Aria x Applejack.

I left this one until now because it seemed so obvious.

Aria is often thought of as being the most hands-on of the sirens, the one least likely to hesitate about getting her hands dirty if that's what it takes to get the job done. If you listen to her isolated vocal tracks, especially from Under Our Spell, you'll see how she sings circles around the other two. She's the one that actually pushes her technical singing ability, while Adagio focuses much more on conveying emotion with her voice, and Sonata just (literally) follows her lead. So, put these two together, and you have a siren who appreciates the value of hard work. A lot like Applejack.

Slightly more contentiously, she also appreciates the value of family. Though Aria is always sniping at the other two, she never actually rebels. The second Adagio needs her, she falls into line and sings her behind off. Much like the Apple clan, the sirens may disagree among themselves, but there's nothing to suggest any of them seriously consider leaving.

Among the mane six, it's Applejack whose temperament is closest to Aria's. They both get sick of boasting not yet backed up, whether it's from Rainbow or Adagio, and they both remain sceptical until offered proof. They have the lowest threshold for nonsense, like protecting bats or putting up with Sonata, and they're both stubborn as gravity.

What would someone who dreams of not just seeing the world, but ruling it, see in someone whose ambitions stretch no further than the borders of her family's farm? What would someone who's happy with her lot in life see in someone who's constantly as negative as Aria? Here are some well-regarded samples of the ship, but we need you to write more! Maybe Aria losing her voice leaves her so desperate for money she takes a summer job at Sweet Apple Acres, and it's just as bad as she'd expected but she figures at least they can't fire her for leering. Maybe Aria takes a shine to Big McIntosh, but, upon learning that he's married, shifts her sights to his sister, who's almost as rugged. Maybe Diamond Tiara takes things too far bullying Apple Bloom, but Applejack can't intervene directly without risking her business interests with Filthy Rich, so instead hires an intimidating third party to dissuade her. Maybe something much more down to earth, like alphabetical seating has them sharing a desk in metalwork class.

I don't know what the hell this artwork is; options were thin on the ground. It's by arantzithahermoxa, and the one at the top is by danmakuman.

I tried writing these two myself a few years ago and it was enormous fun!

If this is a ship you like the sound of, this thread is probably a good place to discuss it. I joined this group not just to see all the unusual siren ships in one place, but to encourage others to write more of them, so if you're thinking of writing an Aria x Applejack story or have one in the works already, by all means let us know in the thread below. Or just discuss the ship: what you like about it and why, what problems you've encountered with it before, what scenarios you can envision for the two of them. Just talking about it like that can inspire others with new story ideas, some of which might get written down, at which point we all benefit :twilightsmile:

My personal favorite uncommon Dazzling ship.

I love this one as well. I'm still waiting the new chapter of Neighboors where Aria is a stocker queen and Adagio is working at SugarCube Corner.

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7318806 What is it about it you like most?

7318815 Neighbours is the story I most think of for this ship, yeah. Have you read Penmore's two stories for the ship? They're really good!

I don't know, I just love the dynamic. Plus, I've read several stories where the two of them almost get into a fistfight, which is hilarious.

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