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Each month we will be spotlighting one pairing, or suggesting a writing prompt. As you may have seen on the main page, this month's area of focus is a prompt of 'World is Mine.'

Canterlot, along with most of the rest of the world, is on lockdown, the population staying at home to prevent transmission of the starskin flu.

But that's just an illness for humans. Sirens, even those a magic mirror has dressed in human bodies, are immune.

Which means, providing they can dodge the authorities on patrol, that the deserted city is their playground. There's no one there to adore them, sure. But they never really liked people anyway.

Sonata wants to stomp around the model village pretending she's Godzilla. Aria has her sights set on a government building that just needs a shred guitar solo performed at full volume in its main lobby. Adagio has both a spa and a wine cellar all to herself. Sonata climbs the gate into a farm, determined to lick a pig and see which pork-based product they have the natural flavour of. Aria swaps the lamp colours around of every traffic light on the road network. Adagio prances around the empty CHS corridors naked. Sonata burns down a library to show those books who's boss. Aria does the same, but with an orphanage. Adagio waits for the firemen and seduces them even while the fire still rages, diverting all those big hoses to far better uses.

Here are some rules! Or guidelines, at least - who are we to tell you what to do?

There will be:

No maximum word limit! :yay:

No minimum word limit, aside from fimfiction's thousand-word standard! :pinkiehappy:

No rating restrictions! :moustache:

No prizes! :trollestia:

No SunDagio! :raritystarry:

No AriNata! :rainbowderp:

No SonPie! :pinkiesad2:

No time limit! :trixieshiftleft: ...I mean, it'd be nice to get it done this month, but, given the above thing about no prizes, if it takes you longer then it takes you longer... However, if you get it submitted this month then we'll read it and talk about it and shower you with praise, whereas by next month we'll have moved onto a different area of focus.

No non-key workers outside of their homes, other than our main three characters, because Canterlot citizens aren't dicks, and take social distancing seriously.

And that's it!

Happy writing, may this prompt inspire you to come up with tales of sirens with a city to themselves.

Adagio prances around the empty CHS corridors naked.

Adagio waits for the firemen and seduces them even while the fire still rages, diverting all those big hoses to far better uses.

*Starts banging head against the wall*

Well, maybe I can work with and idea about oneshot about Spike X Aria on this month while using this theme.

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7188022 I'm not really one to go for the 'Adagio is a massive slut' characterisation, I think it's boring, shallow and codependent. But, oddly enough, I think she'd be the one of the three most affected by the humans not being there. I'm sure there's plenty she could do to amuse herself for years on end, but I don't think she'd see much to do in an empty city that she wouldn't be able to do at home anyway. So yeah, a lot of these were Adagio and casual nudity.

7188035 Yeah, I guess Spike, being a dog, would be about the only main character also immune to the human illness crisis, so he'd be able to wander the streets as well. What is it you're thinking Aria and Spike would have in common for the story?

Nah, I was never a fan of Spike being a dog on EG, I always write Spike as a human in my stories, especially when it comes about shipping him with the dazzling or make him as Sunset Brother. Like making an alternative universe of EG.

But being a dog would be fun to make a fun reason for him being immune like because of some experiments from Sci Twi, he became almost like a werewolf. LOL

To be honest, I don't really think of it as "Adagio is a massive slut." I think of it more as "Adagio will flirt with anything that has a pulse in order to get her objective."

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7189753 I agree she'd let nothing get in her way, and would happily manipulate whoever it's in her interest to. But when it's herself she's selling, I find there's a risk of it getting a bit uncomfortable.

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