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FlutterDash. Sundagio. Rarijack. Ships like these are so popular that it's easy to think that it's true love. But what if these ships were hamstrung by rather serious flaws like incompatible sexuality or poor impulse control. That is what this month's prompt is about: an Uncommon Dazzling Ship growing out of the ashes of a popular ship. The best examples of this prompt are Grenade and Restless.

In Grenade, Rarijack fails because Applejack walked in on Rarity about to have sex with Rainbow (if Rarity is to be believed) on a whim. On top of that, Rarity behaves like it was somehow Rainbow's fault despite herself being the instigator. Yeah, Rarity lost any right to complain in that fic.

In Restless, Sci-Set fails due to Sunset's inability to deal with the subject of sex in a mature way, preferring to completely ignore the topic. Furthermore, on the night the fic takes place, Sci-Twi had gotten closer to having sex with Sunset than ever before, only for Sunset to shut her down again.

However there are so many more possibilities. Take this hypothetical for example; a TwiDash failing because Twilight is too focused on science; not only constantly missing dates and Rainbow's sports games due to her poor time management skills, but also frequently losing Rainbow in conversations with her intellect. On Twilight's end, she finds the sports games loud and hard to follow, as well as lacking the athleticism to keep up with Rainbow. So after another missed date or game, Rainbow breaks up with Twilight before running into Sonata. After a buildup, Rainbow discovers that she and Sonata are a much better fit because Sonata has enthusiasm for sports, is able to keep up with her athletically, and (while scatter-brained) at least shows up to dates on time.

What other stories could come of this? Let us know below, or, better yet, write us a story to show us through the magic of Fimfiction. We eagerly wait for your responses, and see you next month.

Here's one I came up with. Don't know if I'll get around to it, so I'll share the broad strokes here.

A depressed Applejack is walking around, lost in her own thoughts. During this, she runs into Adagio, who tries to antagonize her. However, because of AJ's mood, she doesn't even notice, much less rise to the bait. Not finding it fun to kick the girl when she's down, Adagio offers Applejack a drink (not caring if she's underage) and a sympathetic ear. Once convinced it's not a trick, and having a little alcohol in her system, Applejack relaxes and opens up. It turns out that AJ had actually worked up the courage to ask Rarity out on a date, and Rarity had turned her down, not feeling that way towards her. Although Applejack says she understands, it still hurts. Adagio ends up sympathizing, sharing a few stories of failed romances of her own.

From there, it can go three ways: Applejack and Adagio end up bonding, and Applejack feeling better before going home; the two share a drunken kiss, leading to some awkwardness at the abruptness of it; or Applejack and Adagio wake up in bed together, much to the surprise of each other, as well as Sonata and Aria.

I think I'll try something with this.

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