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Hello, and welcome to our first Author Spotlight. This month, we are shining the spotlight on the author behind the group's mascot fic Sucker for A Cute Face, Eyeswirl the Wierded. As part of the spotlight, we will be hosting a Q&A session with the author about the writing process, where certain ideas came from, and others. In all likelihood this will include spoilers, you have been warned.

The first question is: when and how did you realize that a one-shot wasn't enough to tell Sucker for A Cute Face?

I guess that's my cue. Ahem!

The first question is: when and how did you realize that a one-shot wasn't enough to tell Sucker for A Cute Face?

I'm not sure how long it was after hitting 'Publish' that I started thinking more about the scenario, but I really had intended to stop after the first chapter. Ideas bubbled up on their own, as they do, and I think I figured it would only be 40-50k words before I wrapped up everything I'd imagined happening with those two.

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What other places did you take inspiration from outside of the initial comic?

Outside of various anime tropes (like the indirect kiss thing), I don't think there was a specific inspiration. I had the characterizations in mind and let things flow naturally from there, which might be why it got dragged out so long. I do enjoy writing character interactions, but they do seem to be at odds with telling a simple, fluff-free 'stuff happening' narrative. :twilightsheepish:

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Are there any character you don't enjoy writing about, or don't think you would enjoy writing about?

None come to mind, I just have characters I enjoy writing about more.

Maybe I could write something with Cranky Doodle and Tirek going on an adventure together, Cranky revealing a wide range of skills picked up over his years of searching for Matilda and Tirek starting a love/hate romance with the queen of the hippogriffs, possibly picking up Cheese Sandwich, Miss Peachbottom, and whoever else as party members, but for now (and the past few years), I'm a lot more interested in the EQG world, particularly the sirens and shadowbolts (even if I'm not writing the latter nearly as often).

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I looked through your stories just now, and while you definitely lean to SunDagio, you are certainly varied in your shipping. Do you think it's a good idea for a writer to keep their shipping options open and not get too stuck in a single ship?

Definitely. The inverse just sounds limiting and doomed to heartbreak when/if any member of the ship eventually finds a romantic partner in canon. In fact, I try to keep my options open in general, hence aiming for (but perhaps not always reaching) noticeably different personalities (though still fitting their canon behavior) for the primary characters from story to story. :pinkiesmile:

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Following from the last question (and this is a personal peeve of mine) do you believe that it's possible to overexpose a ship? Not that the ship is bad, just that there are so many fics of the ship that you get somewhat bored with it?

Yup. Same goes for anything, I think, from pairings (like Sunlight, a ship I've somehow grown averse to despite hardly having read any with it) to certain types of fics (like the post-Anon-A-Miss stories that've been done and redone over and over and over again). It's one more reason I try to do something new every time, with both the events of a story and the characters.

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So where did the Rarinata B ship come from? Was it spur of the moment ("well I'm already doing a weird ship with Adagio, may as well do one with Sonata") or more inspired ("no one else is doing that, might as well be me that does it")?

I guess we should mark spoilers for SFaCF here. :derpyderp2:

I'm not entirely sure now. It was a few years ago that I started adding things to the main story, and the only idea I can point to some kind of origin for at this point is the sketch that inspired the first chapter. I don't remember thinking anything along the lines of either "might as well" or "no one else is" for Rarinata or Ariabow(platonic or not).
Thinking back, maybe it was just to involve the other two sirens a bit more? I try not to make them feel like a completely separate, two-headed entity to Adagio, if that makes sense, and giving them their own lives/activities helps alleviate that feeling, I think. I'm not sure if that was my thinking back then or if it was just "Ooh, these two might be cute together, why not throw it in?"

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How would Sucker for A Cute Face change, if it happened during Rainbow Rocks?

It'd be a heck of a lot shorter, for one. :pinkiegasp:
In fact, there's so much that I just don't think would work over the course of those few days that it'd be a completely different story in everything but maybe the FlutterDagio romance, a possibility of Trixie getting jealous, and maybe room for the two side relationships.

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How would you characterize Fluttershy and Adagio's children. Names optional. (Magic don't care about your science)

Never thought about it, but if going the Magical Lesbian Spawn option, I guess I'm picturing a tender-hearted boy that grows up to be every bit the smirking tease Adagio is, only while being a bit more Casanova about it (which might actually cause more heartache problems than Dagi's approach, come to think of it), and a girl that shares both Fluttershy and Adagio's socially-awkward tendencies and their unique scariness combined, making her painfully shy, unsure how to normally interact with people, prone to some psychotic tendencies, odd habit of accidentally sneaking up on people, and just generally being Scary Beyond All Reason. (Ex: While the whole family has some appreciation for animals, she especially shares Adagio's love of spiders. And slasher smile.)

It might actually be the mothers' attempts to coddle the girl and make her feel better about her crippling weirdness that drive the boy to seek more female attention, turning him into the surprisingly sensitive heartbreaker he becomes. :fluttershysad:

Of course, before she could really raise any children of her own, someone would have to get Adagio to let go of Aria and Sonata. :trollestia:

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Sounds like a girl who unintentionally gets in trouble a lot and owns a tarantula. What about Rarity and Sonata's kids?

Probably so! :scootangel:

And, the first thing that comes to mind is a rebellious wild-child that drives Rarity bonkers, having been brought up from a young age to act prim and proper, but always took snack breaks (read; swiping some fancy chocolates or something) with Sonata, who encouraged her to have fun and enjoy life whenever possible.

This is in contrast with the wild-child's twin, who doesn't just take Rarity's etiquette lessons to heart, but surpasses her in them, becoming so perfectly elegant and sophisticated that they (I figure either gender works for both children) regularly correct not just their sibling, but both mothers, regularly scolding Sonata (and because the kid inherits Rarity's stern look and always pinpoints exactly how Sonata is wrong and in need of a time-out, Sonata has to either concede defeat or that she's being a terrible parent/person, a very serious fear she had going into parenthood), much to Sonata's shame and occasional frustration and Rarity's pride+gratification, and correcting tiny errors Rarity has been making, much to Rarity's embarrassment and Sonata's glee. At least until the kid scolds Sonata for using her outdoor voice indoors and disturbing other people around them again.

Still, having such embarrassing relatives keeps the Proper kid from ever getting too full of themselves, the sense of humility probably landing them a job as a top-tier maid/butler/something like that. I don't know what the Wild kid would end up doing, but (s)he'll definitely be pals with Sonata for life, and even though they love both, never once consider that mother embarrassing.

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How interesting would the story concept of those kids ending up in Rainbow Rocks be to you?

Interesting as far as "How/why are magically-produced offspring sent back in time to right around the time their parents met?", and then I think it'd just be really messy. :twilightoops:

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Heh fair enough. May I ask some nsfw questions?

I'm still not writing clop, but sure.

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Okay then, here goes. Outside of the kinky stuff, what is Fluttershy and Adagio's favorite position during sex?

Hadn't thought about it. I vaguely remember mention of Torment The Captured Princess being Fluttershy's favorite game in the Love Dungeon, so probably her tied up while Adagio finds various ways to torment her.

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I meant outside of that but okay. Has Sweetie Belle ever walked in on Rarity and Sonata? If so, on a scae of 1 to 10, how traumatizing was it for her?

It doesn't happen within the time-frame of the story, but she does riddle out what's going on eventually. With the help of a hastily-dressed Sonata and Rarity, the trauma factor is only a 4. :pinkiesmile:

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Has Sonata ever suggested a fourway between the couples?

Once she learned of the other pair, it was something she thought about quite a few times, for reasons to be examined in the relevant spin-off.

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What is the time frame looking like for that?

I have no idea. I've mostly been focused on other stories when I find the time to write something and probably won't be publishing anything of the spin-off until it's completely finished.

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Darn. Oh well. I don't think it was addressed in the fic, but what did Adagio and Fluttershy DO for a living come the epilogue?

I pictured Fluttershy being a veterinarian (the kind without an assault rifle, of course) that did modeling work on the side, especially for swimwear and miscellaneous lewd articles. Her confidence had improved even further by then, to the slight discomfort of those filming her as they gently asked that she maybe not look like she's enjoying it that much.

With Adagio, I had the odd mental image of her being introduced to game mods a year or two after the events of the story, wondering how exactly that worked (the idea of a digital thing being changed after completion sounding like black magic to her), investigating when she had spare time, doing some coding herself, and eventually becoming a successful software designer. This has led to many an evening of her sitting in front of a computer at night, getting entirely too much of a kick out of making things happen by fingering the keyboard and whispering suggestive things at the code in front of her.

Even when they become working adults and functioning members of society, they're both still perverts. :derpytongue2:

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So what's the Dazzling's opinion of Monster Hunter World?

No clue. I've only briefly played one title in the series (MH2, I think? I know it was PS2-era), and in the two or so hours in which I gave it a shot, I came away with "Go here, grapple with mediocre combat engine until you or monster dies, screw up at cooking the f@#king meat again." If MHW is like whichever one I tried, their opinion would probably be along those lines, only with the graphics presumably being nicer.

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Oh they've changed a lot of stuff since then. You can use items while moving, change your gear mid-quest, hunting maps are now seamless, loading screenless worlds, and (this is the best part) there is now a lot more emphasis on forcing monster versus monster fights. Also, there is a bodybuilding cat chef called Meowscular Chef.

Speaking of, could I have a shoutouts list with chapters they appeared in for the Tropes page?

I think I would need time to re-read the entire story to get that 100% accurately, but here are the ones from the game chapters and what I found while skimming in search of them.

-Chapter 8
The shooters were based on Call of Duty/Medal of Honor, 'realistic' shooters in general.

The racing game was Mario Kart.

The RTS I had in mind was Starcraft, though there might be other RTS's where you mine glowing rocks.

The dungeon-crawler was some kind of hybrid of Baldur's Gate (Dark Alliance or otherwise) and Dragon Age (with the Red Steel and Silverite), but I don't think there's any dungeon-crawler-type RPG where you can kill merchants, which was probably what led some people to guess Skyrim. I guess that could be included too, but technically, I don't think Skyrim was ever directly referenced in any way.

The platformer is any side-scrolling 2D Mario game.

For the survival horror game, I was thinking of Silent Hill, though I guess Resident evil fits "key-hunt and dead guys everywhere" just as well.

The stealth game was definitely Metal Gear Solid 1, especially when they reference the clone army.

-Chapter 17
Their rhyming at the end sounds a lot like Green Eggs and Ham.

-Chapter 18
This was where the first Saints Row 4 reference came in.

-Chapter 26
Mario Kart again.

Mario Party (any of the earlier ones where you had to run around the board to get stars).

Normal Mario game again.

Any Super Smash Brothers game.

Luigi's mansion.

-Chapter 39
I was thinking of Worms 3D, but any game in the series probably works.

Final Fantasy X, with a brief mention of Final Fantasy X2

Plants Vs Zombies.

Orcs Must Die.

Portal 2.

Five Nights at Freddy's (and Vannamelon's first video on the series).

-Chapter 41
"Master Aayla Zecora" refers to a Star Wars character.

-Chapter 44
The only zombies-on-tropical-island game I've ever heard of is Dead Island.

Corpse-monsters on a space station most closely describes Dead Space 2, but I guess it goes for all of them?

Smash Brothers Melee (due to the racetrack level, though I'm not sure if it exists in the other games).

Saints Row 4 again. (seems to be the sirens' favorite game, now that I think about it)

Dead Rising 2.

-Chapter 46
I think the game is League of Legends (I don't play MOBAs), and Jetto lists some of the other players as Total Biscuit, Jesse Cox, Dodger, crendor, and Strippin.

-Chapter 54

Jak and Daxter (with the shark comments).

Left 4 Dead.

Haunting Ground.

Dark Souls (any).

Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

-Chapter 56
The game Adagio stayed at home to play while the others took Flutters out for ice cream was Hotline Miami, referenced again in 57.

-Chapter 58
And I guess the very last one would be the Cinderella carriage?

I guess there are references to specific types of candy throughout, but there's probably more than one brand for all.

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Thank you (: I know this isn't really a subject you thought of while writing Sucker for a Cute Face but who would you put the Equestrian counterparts with during the fic?

(Digression: My headcanon is pony Rarity, gossip lover that she is, to be told by Twilight that EQG Rarity got together with Sonata. "Darling I'm open with my preferences, but from what you've told me about her, that would be like me getting with Pinkie Pie," she says. Come the Epilogue and pony Rarity is in bed with her wife, Pinkie Pie, and she randomly remembers when she said that and becomes annoyed.)

Given that they literally live worlds apart and will probably never even meet, I guess this would just be random Equestria-world ships? If so;

PriTwixDiscord (originally, they'd have had a ship-tease when Flutters went over, but I ended up cutting that part out with the way things had shaped up until then)

RainbowxTrixie (EQG-Rainbow is straight, Ponybow, less so)

PinkiexKing GroverCheese Sandwich (I took EQG-Pinkie's "Saaay Cheese Sandwich!" in a recent EQG short as shipping fuel, and figure it works just as well for her counterpart)

FluttershyxQueen Chrysalis (imagine if Adagio never had anyone she really cared about + a lifetime of living as evil bug royalty and you'd probably get one of my renditions of Chrysalis)

ApplejackxBlueblood (same as in EQG-world)

RarityxOctavia (whom she met while drowning her sorrows over being the only one of her friends not in a relationship)

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Would you call Sucker for a Cute Face a story about a slow burn love at first sight?

I don't think so, because while Flutters thought Adagio was really pretty, she had no romantic thoughts right away, not even unconsciously. Then the lollipop moment happened, and while not jumping to straight to thoughts of asking her out, Flutters did let her imagination wander a few times, and it wasn't until several chapters after that that Adagio started to see her as more than a teasing target. :eeyup:

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WAIT! Did you just imply that Fluttershy became a part time softcore porn model?

In the sense that she willingly posed for pictures that people might enjoy more than they're strictly supposed to? Yes.

Group Admin

Oh. The way that was phrased put images in my head. Can you think of any tropes I may have missed?

There are probably more I could come up with if I read the whole thing again, but I think the ones there now get the point across. :pinkiesmile:

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How would you write a Dagishy fic set during Rainbow Rocks?

They meet while the other Rainbooms are either bickering or just off doing their own thing for a while and Aria and Sonata are having another squabble while Adagio sits back facepalming, Flutters possibly approaches to angrily lecture about hurting her friends (Dragonshy style), only she catches sight of Adagio's friends fighting just like her own and, confused, asks if those two are under their own spell.
Amused, Adagio answers normally that no, they're just always like that, realizing a moment later that she's talking to a Rainboom. They talk a bit more, something each says to the other leaving a lasting impact of some sort that triggers for Flutters when the Rainbooms are all under the stage.

She uses this new thought/viewpoint to get her friends to pay attention for a moment, spell out that their bickering actively feeds the sirens' power, and coerces them to sing a soft, gentle song with her. They do, (and this part is roughly how I'd have ended RR regardless) the sudden shift to genuine Harmony magic seeping into the sirens, cancelling out and overriding the negative energy they'd been using, and making them briefly stop what they're doing, to the confusion of their captive audience.

Then Flutters' earlier sentiment clicks for Adagio, her trying the same feeling they just got from the Rainbooms below to sing a soothing melody just as enthralling as their usual thing, the lulling, hypnotic tune earning them some adoration without a hint of anger or strife to be found. And then, to their continued surprise, the audience starts clapping without them having had to force it.

There's a short, slightly silly "Well, that happened" moment between the three of them before they opt to regroup, leaving before everyone remembers what they were just about to do. Fast forward to the next day, where things are back to normal, the sirens' spell seems to have gone away, and everyone reflecting on what tools they'd been and how the lingering animosity toward Sunset set the field for the sirens to engulf the school in negative energy, leading to people coming around to forgive Sunset because they feel it in their hearts, not because Sailor Moon antics instantly rewrote everything they've ever thought about her.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy sits with an animal or two, sighing wistfully as she thinks about the girl that took what she'd said to heart before leaving without a word to her. Then she gets some kind of postcard/letter (possibly delivered by a lightly bewitched animal, for bonus points), informing her that the sirens want some time to get used to this new thing she showed them, and implying that they'll be back some day.

...But I've already rewritten an EQG movie into its own AU, and I'm not about to take up another one.:derpyderp2:

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I just finished the Shout-out page on TvTropes, do I need to mark any spoilers?

I think the ones you marked already are good. :pinkiesmile:

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Was Rarity ever conflicted about her and Sonata when they first hooked up? Not like gayngst, but more like "out of everyone on Earth, why her? (This is assuming that she fantasized about marrying someone in the upper class.)

Possible spoilers for the spin-off:

Not quite, no.
While I'm not sure whether or not I'll depict the scene and/or write the relevant parody song, my original thought for Rarity's 'trouble with the fireplace' comment was her having a loud, dramatic meltdown over growing so attached to one of the sirens, Hunchback of Notre Dame's Hellfire set to Rarity pretty much arguing with herself about whether to embrace Sonata publicly or 'burn' her by pushing her away, complete with the guard interrupting part being Sweetie Belle popping her head in the door to ask what all the shouting is about, Rarity calmly telling her to run along, Sweetie shrugging, going back to her room, and telling the other two CMC that things were fine.

"It's okay, she was just singing to the fireplace again."

"Big girls are weird."

All of that said, she wasn't bothered by it being Sonata or even someone who wasn't rich, per se, just the difficult personal circumstances for all involved and what she should do about it.

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