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It seems that most of the canon alicorns have alternate names for a dark alter ego of themselves: Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, Midnight Sparkle. So, with war coming and Page acting more menacing, I’ve been trying to think of one he could use.

Bookends? Too mundane.
Torn Pages? Too weak sounding.
Purple Prose? Too meta.

In all seriousness, the best I’ve thought of so far is Book Burner, but that has some uncomfortable historical connotations. It would work really well though if he went through with the whole mind-rape thing he’s got going on right now.
Blood Quill also came to mind, but that’s unoriginal and doesn’t quite fit Page’s motif; also, I really, really hate Harry Potter.

Blank Page is the alicorn of stories, and envisions dreams and possibilities. What happens if you take dreams to their end?

Mortal Edict?

Dream eater?

So you want to take Blank Page, the simple, unassuming Alicorn of Dreams and Stories, and twist him sideways into a corrupted version of himself?

Alas, Nightmare is taken.

So how do you make Stories corrupt and/or horrifying?

No, no, not Cthulhu/etc. That's stories about things that are horrifying. He's doing that already.

No, we must corrupt the concept of stories itself! We must take the limitless possibilities of a blank page and suck all the hope and joy out of them.

There is one thing that leaps immediately to mind: the way Hollywood destroys beloved stories via the ever-hated...

Relentless Reboot

Dark Grimoire

one word: Censorship. the most evil thing there is.

I think you've got something to it there. What's the corruption of a blank page, still full of potential and its infinite capacity to contain what could be? If you hide it, people are forbidden to create and to see.

Or, working from another angle, once you fill in a book, the only thing to reach is the end, and entropy runs its course. What is the end of the potential of a blank page? A filled tome?

What is the antithesis of a blank page?
The Final word.

I so agree with that one I almost peed my pantsu

Its too meta for me.

He'll make you live the same day, over and over and over.

Only time actually passes. It's not a loop. You're getting older. But nothing ever changes.

This is the alicorn that would make Discord gibber in horror. :pinkiecrazy:

So just a teensy bit inspired by Cthulhu? :twilightsmile:

Or they can go with Final Word/Last Word. Those aren't bad either. He'll have his cake, and eat it. And Sunnybuns can't stop hiiim! XD

AS 7054866 just said, R. Relentless Retcon's Threat level is Beyond the Beyond. You'll live your life, but Tied to RR's whims, and It will be easy. Once you find stability, happiness, and perfection... Poof! let us change things to screw you over. Either changing the target or its environment... and again the battle downhill on your poor, miserable life...

It will be then where you'll Hope Equestria has Truck-Kun, so you can be killed to be reborn in another world... Then, of course, either Truck-Kun doesn't exist in Equestria or, if it exists, RR will retcon so you won't get the sweet, sweet embrace of best disease: Isekaitis.

But what if he controlled the world you go to as well

That's why I said that he'd retcon it so you don't meet Truck-Kun! But in case you met him and got isekaied I can only say one thing:

rinse and repeat

Post Script.
The Narrator.

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