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A group for those who see fit to imbue their animal (dragon, spirit or other) companion with the arcane arts.

A broder description of Familiars would be any creature, spirit, or golem like creation, that a magic user connected to there magic and or mind, usually resulting in either more magical power, new abilities, or being able to supercharge the familiar to act as a protector.

Group Rules
1) please add any fics you come across that pertain to the right folder.
2) If the story you wish to add has been canceled or hasn't updated in one year please add to the
Dead Fics folder.(Adding to the correct sub-categories required.)
3) Any stories where an animal or creature is magically connected to another but they aren't necessarily considered a familiar will be put to a vote by the members of the group on whether or not it should be allowed.
Display picture is a screenshot from an anime named Strike the Blood.
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I found this group through DragonGeek's story. I'm so glad to find this. I love stories with familiars. In my line of reading, fanfics or published books, familiars are a rarity. I'm going to love this group.

wow that is a lot good luck with that.

Comment posted by Space-Timecontinuum deleted Jan 28th, 2018

Interesting what’s he displaced as I'm very good at helping with story ideas.

Comment posted by Space-Timecontinuum deleted Jan 28th, 2018

Thank you I knew the fic but couldn't find it in the mess that is my favorites folders. (Also forgot the name.)

In The Mystic Cipher the main character is Twilight's Stigma level familiar. The only level higher than Stigma are beings like Discord. (He doesn't like Twilight)

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