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Fossil Fighters is a game similar to Pokemon, but instead of Pokemon, the players use revived dinosaurs called Vivosaurs. If you are a fan of dinosaurs, or a fan of Fossil Fighters, this is the place for you

A few rules

First off, no fighting in the forums. You can debate on things, ask questions, and just chat, but when things are starting to get heated, I will shut the conversation down.

Second, no NSFW images or links to NSFW sites. This is a site rule, not my rule.

If you'd like to RP with a fellow member, do it offsite

Place your stories into appropriately tagged folders. Folders are labelled by main characters, popular Vivosaurs, and genres

I don't have anything against NSFW stories, I'm all for them in fact, but please put a notice in the description that it is NSFW and what fetishes it contains.

If you have suggestions on how to make the club better, more well known, or additional folder categories, don't be afraid to let them be heard.

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