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If you can imagine what happens after the Displacement of the humans over the anime convention. There is a lot of things you don't know about it. There is a secret, and that secret should be keep for the most loyal travelers over the earth, doing their best for protect the life and the death, bringing the souls of the innocents and the neutrals for the desire peaceful rest.

The Charon's bark, making all the souls going for the Ellysus or for the Tartarus, but what this has in common of Merchants?

Soon you will find out.

Hello Everyone, this is a place of the stories and theories of the most OP's warriors over this world, the Merchants, many of them wears a cosplay of Resident Evil 4 Merchant. But what you don't know, that cosplay is just for the novice and assistents in the anime convention.

If you want to know about their story, about their boss, manager and their team, and everything what happens over the anime convention, be welcomed in the TENT OF MERCHANTS.

Soon I will write the rules of this place, and one important thing, never mess up with Mascate. He is the Manager who will make you piss in your pants.

What do we sell?

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